The Playboy Morning Show

Friday 7/27/12

$1,000,000 Potato Chips? Kevin was devastated when his idea for the Lays “Do Us a Flavor” contest was taken by the commercial he saw for it on TV. His Thanksgiving Dinner Chip idea is no longer his idea, and there goes his million bucks.

On the bright side, Andrea (aka Lady Gag Gag), came up with a song to rival the one put out by the Oregon Dental Association. Their version, Teach Me how to Brushy, focused on oral health. Andrea’s version focused on Oral Sex and was called Teach Me How To Sucky. We think Andrea gets the win in this competition.

Our old friend, Jenna Jameson returned to chat with us today (from her bed). She said that her sex life couldn’t be better, and that aside from accidentally SEXTING her dentist a picture of herself “wide open,” everything is going well. She will be in San Francisco to meet fans at the Gold Club’s 8th Anniversary Celebration . Make your VIP reservations here.

Andrea’s Week In Sex taught us that oral sex is good to cure morning sickness; winter is the most popular season to watch porn; and women are horniest while listening to The Playboy Morning Show. (2 out of 3 of these are true).

The Bra-Opening Ceremonies kicked off our Naked Olympics! Women from many countries united for the lighting of the torch, the topless parade, and the Topless Olympian Oath. The smack talking was strong between Korea and Mexico, and the Naked Olympics will be great next week.

Also, our favorite Mixologist, Heather Storm, and our favorite Bar Savior, Jon Taffer (Bar Rescue on Spike TV), joined us for the festivities. Food was provided by Cousins Maine Lobster Truck, and we were treated to a burlesque performance by the ladies of Hells Belles Burlesque – Jaime, Breezsa & AliKat. WOW!


Let the (NAKED) Games begin!

One Response to “The Playboy Morning Show”

  1. Andrea can sing to me any time. Ladies look hot as usual .

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