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Tuesday 7/31/12

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We spoke with New York Times best-selling author Wendy Goldman Rohm about her current issue in the Playboy magazine, “The Talented Mr. K.” Read more about her article on counterfeit wines on page. 88

Scott Alexander checked in to give us his latest on Games and Gadgets just before we did another Carol and Andrea: Gay Women, Straight Talk! We also called over to Denver, Colorado where we spoke with Shelly Riley for an update at Playboy’s Casting Call! If you have what it takes to be in the Playboy Magazine head over to Denver for a casting call August 7&8th.

The Power Hour:

Not one, but TWO hot girls joined us for a very sexy Skype Scavenger Hunt! –BONUS! Jordan and Anna gave each other lap dances, stripped down to nothing while exchanging  lingerie, found each others erogenous zones, and even got soaked in the shower! Well done girls, well done.

We continued with our NAKED OLYMPICS and finally representing USA, Michelle Leslie took the winning Gold Medal. Cody representing Germany and Chelsea from the land of Brazil showed their competitive skills Fencing, doing Ribbon Routines, and last but not least, the Limbo. While the girls got low USA rocked her red white and blue lingerie!