Wednesday 8/1/12

Sherlyn Chopra has been on the lips of millions after surprising the world through her tweets. Sherlyn will be the first Indian woman to appear nude in the November issue of Playboy! We are looking forward to seeing this Bollywood beauty!

We got inside of the mind of Hugh Hefner with a presidential round of What Would Hef Do? The question was, What does Hef like to do before sex? Since Hef doesn’t usually take a warm bath and sip French Rose before sex, he often times has a buffet and watches classic movies.


We talked to sex coach Kim Anami about rampant undersexed women. In her article “Carnal Knowledge” on page 130 in the July/August issue you can read all about her thoughts and concerns about sex.

The Power Hour:

Welcome to the power hour with Kevin’s Future-Ex wife freaking out about a spider in the closet! We believe it was just a Wool Spider…

Twins Brittany and Erica Taltos from Bachelor Pad on ABC joined us on the phone today discussing why they left the show. Apparently it was too much for them to handle, but did they know Hugh Hefner watches?

Day 3 of NAKED OLYMPICS!!! Representing Italy- Caitlin Fierce, South Korea- Hazel Lee, and USA- Lisa Arnett! While the girls did a warm-up stretch, they prepared themselves for Rowing, Skeet Shooting and The Rack & Stack!

3 Responses to “Wednesday 8/1/12”

  1. I believe it is called a wolf spider not a wool spider and can we get an underwear update from the ceazy spider lady ?

  2. crazy not ceazy

  3. Robert Ashbrook Says:

    Kevin, do really get paid to do this show? You lucky bastard !!!!

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