Friday 8/3/12

Starting off the early morning we discussed the attractiveness levels of today’s current flight attendants. Virgin Airlines are known to be the sexiest airline around! Now, Virgin Australia’s cabin staff will be taking part in an etiquette program branded Elevate to improve their posture, language, and knowledge of wine and food. The crew has also been asked to stop calling passengers “mate” unless the individual customer has specifically requested it in documented form as a member of the airline’s frequent flyers program. It was revealed that the course was about modifying the staff’s sexualized image; they want to get away from that ‘sex’ look that’s been attached to the company.


Robin Leach has returned from a long trip to Italy and gave us the full update back in Las Vegas! A big weekend is coming up especially at the Palms for the Masquerade Party! Check it out if you’re in town.

FRIDAY AWARDS: Freak out Moment of the week: Kevin’s future ex- wife accepted the award for her spider incident! The Sexiest Moment of the Week: Sexy Skype with Jordan and Anna!

 The Power Hour:

We kicked off the power hour checking in with Playboy Playmate Ashley Hobbs Miss December 2010! Adult star Kayden Kross joined the fun and we even got to play “Guess the Bruise.” This one was from her new lover he’s a BITER!

We also got the chance to see two sexy models demonstrate the Chick-on-Chick-Fil-A with two lesbians Molly and Jessi. The girls dipped their nipples into different sauces and gave each other a taste!

ZZ Truck joined us for Truck My Face and we ended with NAKED OLYMPICS! Sara Sue, Rachel and Nicole played a quick round of Field Hockey, Indian Leg Wrestling and Face Stuffing! Representing USA, Japan and Italy it was a tie!

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