Monday 8/6/12

If you know a HOT CHICK with an UGLY SNORE, record her and email us your audio to! We will be the judge!

We talked to Playboy contributor David Kushner about his new article called, “Sex, Drugs & Video Games” in the current issue on page 140. The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is full of geeks, freaks and gazillionaires checking out the hottest games!

Last night NASA’s new rover Curiosity landed perfectly on Mars! Its mission is to find all signs of life. Breaking through the phone lines, we spoke with Dr. Luther Beegle from NASAJPL about the landing of Mars Curiosity and everyone’s reaction. YESSS!

The Power Hour:

In the Mini Mansion, four guys and one small couch held Steve Bryne, Owen Benjamin, Roy Wood Jr., and Ahmed from Sullivan & Son. Sullivan & Son is an American comedy television series and is executive-produced by Vince Vaughn. Be sure to watch on Thursdays at 10/9C on TBS!

Joining the men in studio Summer, Jamie and no stranger to The Morning Show Desiree Claire put together a skimpy and sexy costume using a First Aid Kit! The girls used what they could to create an outfit in case of an emergency! SOMEBODY CALL 911!

2 Responses to “Monday 8/6/12”

  1. Hot broads on the TV show today. Let’s see them loose the panties. Let’s see some pussy!

  2. just wondering Says:

    how can we view this episode?

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