Tuesday 8/7/12

Today we got all the latest technology updates with Scott Alexander. Congrats to the newly ordained minister, Scott can officially join Siri and the Playboy Robot in holy matrimony.  If you live in the UK, soon you will be able to gamble on Facebook using real money! Social gaming is a bright spot in Facebook’s revenue stream, and now with the option of real money gambling, it will offer a whole lot more!


Kevin Blatt checked in with us and all the latest news on celeb sex tapes! We played a round of What Would Hef Do before activating the HOT CHICK HOTLINE with Kitty Lee! Kitty joined us to talk about being a featured Amateur on PlayboyPlus! Check her out!

The Power Hour:

Kicking off the power hour we spoke with Cutis Jackson aka 50 Cent about his upcoming film “FREELANCERS.” He stars in the new cop drama co-starring Robert De Niro & Forest Whitaker. FREELANCERS hits theaters in limited release On August 10 !


Naj’a Irie tuned in for a Sexy Skype Scavenger Hunt! Her invisible bra, titting bouncing, and sexy lingerie had viewers going crazy!

Playboy’s Miss Social Winners Ashley Salazar– June 2012 and Melissa Anne Teixeira-July 2012 stopped by the mini mansion for a game of Truth or Bare. While the girls fooled Kevin and Andrea with their sexy stories, we also got a sneak peek of Ashley’s Clit ring! According to Kevin, “It’s Winkin’ at me”…she recommends it to all the ladies.

One Response to “Tuesday 8/7/12”

  1. Great Job Ashley and Melissa! Awesome appearance!

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