Wednesday 8/8/12

We’ll announce the prize for the HOT CHICK / UGLY SNORE contest tomorrow. Get your video submissions in immediately! Email us at

This morning we tested Andrea vs. Gina’s musical IQ’s. Does Andrea know less about GenX music than Gina knows about rap? It was a close call but Andrea took the lead!

Checking in with us about her latest Reality Show The Glass House, Playboy Model Joy Glass gave us some inside news. Last time we spoke with Joy was through her computer for a very sexy Skype Scavenger Hunt!

Today we gave our Heffy nominees, honoring people in their golden years for doing something amazing! The award went to Lucille Hammer, 90, of Kalispell, who received a first-place medal from the annual Lilac Bloomsday Run, held May 6 in Spokane. Congratulations on your Heffy Andrea


Going across the “Blonde” with a sexy Brunette British model, we chatted with Kelly Hall! She recently shot for Hot Shots Calendar, which was for the Special Operations Warriors Foundation. Check her out here.


The Power Hour:

Starting off the power hour we phoned in with our beautiful Playmate of the Year from 2006 Kara Monaco. Kara told us all about her experience on CBS’s reality show Big Brother! We also had our Spring Radio Mate Tawny Young in studio to pass along the award to our newest Summer Radio Mate, Jillisa Lynn! Newly Blonde Krystle Lina had her camera ready to go as she shot the girls in a Beach setting for our new Summer Radio Mate. Congrats Jillisa!

3 Responses to “Wednesday 8/8/12”

  1. Robert Ashbrook Says:

    Andrea is soooo much sexier than any of these women !!!

  2. Andrea never shows her tits:(

  3. You know when you give the lowdown – kevin say studio 34c and the prerecorded voice says studio 69. So which studio is it ???

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