Thursday 8/9/12


The Playboy Party Joke REMIX gave us 4 jokes with endless punch lines… The Jokes Were…

– What should you do when your girlfriend tells you she fakes Orgasms?

-What did the urologist say to the gynecologist?

– What is every Amish woman’s fantasy?

– How is a woman’s virginity like a balloon?

The Power Hour:

This week Mr. Skin is back with sexy celebrity nudity! Rachel Weisz, Christina Ricci and many more celebs with hot photos! Pun on Pun got heated up between Mr. Skin and Kevin!

 Brooks Wheelan stopped by the mini mansion to talk about Olympic wrestling, girls, and his hometown in Iowa! Brooks will be performing Laughs Camera Action tonight at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood at 10PM!

D.L. Hughley joined us on the phone to discuss his latest work, a new book “I Want You to Shut The F#ck Up!” He will be at The Grove tonight in Hollywood at 7PM!

Ending the power hour we showed some SKIN…TO WIN!!!

4 Responses to “Thursday 8/9/12”

  1. When your girlfriend tell you she’s faking orgasms, tell her you’re faking caring!

  2. I just have a comment about pubic hair…..we have 4 stages of pubic hair growth that my friends anImal named and would love to share! I cannot find the number to call in.

  3. Caught the TV show today. Fantastic Skin To Win segment.

    Superb pussy shots of all the girls. One of the HOTTEST bits to air on the TV show yet. Just a superb segment.

  4. Lester C. Says:

    Awesome TV Show today. Pussy shots galore. Love it. Let’s have more like that. Great bit.

    Any bit with the girl whipping out her pussy is always a winner. And great dead on camera shots of it too. The more pussy the better.

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