Monday 8/13/1


This morning we kicked off the show with an underwear update, which lead to a panty safari!!! Andrea, Elise and Gina were all wearing animal print thongs today. Sexy!

We nominated Friday Awards (yes, on Monday) from last week. Congratulations to 50 Cent for having the worst cellphone reception of the week! Hopefully you will add that to your mantle, Curtis.


We’ll announce the prize for the HOT CHICK / UGLY SNORE contest towards the end of the week so get your video submissions in immediately!

Before getting into some Good Naked/Bad Naked we talked to Enrique Ramirez founder of “Face To Face NYC” Day Spa, about the Festive Dong. A lot of men and women are having their genitals waxed completely and getting vajazzled or PEJAZZELED! Costing only $20.00 they apply the design of your choice (i.e. lips, stars, crosses, dolphins) to the pubic area. Visit ‪  and get Swarovski Crystals “down there”!

The Power Hour:

It’s was time for the Weekly Chronicle! Giving the Olympics a proper send-off by chatting with Josh from @420Specialists about the newest weed, @UsainBolt OG! This newly introduced weed is the top seller creating an instant high!

A serial hugger is on the loose in Kevin’s hometown! He thought he would alert his mom this morning by giving her a quick phone call to offer her safety tips. Ending the power hour with a Dry T-shirt Contest, Eva, Nicole and Allison had to cut their individual XL White T’s into the sexiest T-Shirt possible! Check out the different sexy styles they created!


One Response to “Monday 8/13/1”

  1. The Dry T-Shirt contest on the TV show today was one of the hottest bits you’ve done.

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that there is NOTHING hotter than a bit that culminates with a girl (or better still multiple girls), whipping out their pussies.

    And kudos to the camera guy for giving us viewers some nice pussy shots. No “show the pussy” type of bit is complete without some clos-ups of it.

    The more pussy themed segments the the better. Great show.

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