Tuesday 8/14/12


Kevin described his first Spin class experience and it doesn’t sound like he is going back for seconds. Instead he has come up with the idea of women dancing in sports bra’s with loud music and no spin bicycles! Could this work?


Calling from across the pond, we spoke with Fabian Rigall, founder of Secret Swimming. Secret Swimming is a worldwide community of underwater people who are passionate about swimming and discovering secret places. People meet every few months to swim in the wildest places, rivers, streams, ponds, iced lakes, wild seas, reservoirs. Swimmers will record their swims, describing a secret thought and feeling so others may also uncover these feelings. Check out this video here.


We played a round of What Would Hef Do, and the question to Hef was, “What are your thoughts on international relations?” After WWHD, Andrea scored her points with CRAIGSLUST by winning a potential date on a tandem bike ride!

The Power Hour:

New to The Playboy Morning Show, Jackie Dawn and Sasha joined the Mini Mansion for “No Strings Attached!” As we watched their tied bikini’s slowly unravel, we got a glimpse of the two girls rocking’ bodies! Check them out!

One Response to “Tuesday 8/14/12”

  1. Sexy bit on the TV show today (No Strings Attached).

    One thing though. When the girls loose the bottoms and whip the pussy out, get some close-ups of the pussy. We got a close up of each girls’ chest but not the crucial pussy close-up. For bits like this the pussy close-up is the “money shot”. Sort of missed it today.

    Nice bit though. Let’s have more like it. The more visible pussy on the show the better.

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