Wednesday 8/15/12


Good Morning to everyone! Have you heard game show, The Price is Right is searching for its first male model? The Morning crew suggested we submit Jaron! Even though he forgot his t-shirt at home today, he does have a nice smile. If you have any suggestions email us @  


Jill Dahne, a love psychic predicts a new tattoo trend. Recently the 17th annual South Florida Tattoo Expo was held where the new trend of tattooing your asshole was discovered. Jill claims through her sooth saying powers that tatting the asshole will become the next big thing! OUCH. Off the record, Jill also shared some future insight for Kevin and Andrea!


Our Playboy Advisor has returned! Chip Rowe joined us to give his advice and knowledge to our listeners. Don’t forget, we are still taking submissions for HOT CHICK / UGLY SNORE contest! Send video of your babe snoring to  Have a chance to win cool stuff!

The Power Hour:

Dominic Monaghan dropped by the studio today to share with us his latest film “The Day.” The intense and scary movie comes out Wednesday August 29th and it is a must see! Dominic is also launching a new show called “Wild Things” on BBC America next spring. He will help people overcome their fears with animals and insects by respecting them and getting to know how they feel. Dom says the spider Kevin killed for his future-ex wife looks like a Funnel Web spider. He’s an expert!


Know it Or Show it Shark Week edition was a major success! Caitlin, Heather, Alyssa and Britney joined us for shark week trivia. The girls lost their tops to a SHARK VAC by answering their questions incorrectly!

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