Thursday 8/16/12


Kevin came across a webcam meltdown! We are unsure if Nina is bi-polar, but she definitely shared her breakdown with the public. View her video here.

A recipe remix video featuring Julia Child has been discovered! After celebrating what would have been her 100th Birthday last week, the ghost of Julia Child is back!

We checked in with Cookie Monster and his latest fantasies. Cookie would like to have a 3-way with Andrea and Gina over the weekend. Today, Cookie Monster officially met the blonde hair, green-eyed 32D breast Associate Producer, Elise!

Makin’ Bacon: Andrea introduced her Burner App, which is a privacy layer for your phone, providing alias phone numbers at the push of a button. If you love anonymity, then this is just for you! 

Kevin introduced the new Bacon wrapped eggs from Birds Nest. A muffin tin full of pancake batter stuffed with bacon, egg and cheese baked to perfection. Delicious!

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin is back with the latest celebrity nudity! His Skin Scouts have provided us with perfect photos. Stay tuned for next Thursday’s sneak peek.


Have you ever experienced an unintentional Orgasm? Today we found out a list of possible things that can trigger an orgasm.  Kimberly, Veronica and Lauren demonstrated different yoga positions, sit ups, and usage of the thigh master machine!

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