Tuesday 8/21/12


We had a few more submissions for the HOT CHICK/ UGLY SNORE contest today! Don’t forget to send your videos to morningshow@playboy.com. We will be announcing the winner this week!  

Scott Alexander checked in to give us the latest news on Games & Gadgets and everything else in the Technological world. Debra Jo Fondren, Playmate of the year in 1978 joined us on the phone to celebrate the 35th anniversary of her September 1977 pictorial revisited in the current issue. Check her out!

After a round of What Would Hef Do, we checked in with Elle, a Denver-based dominatrix who admits to being a “looner,” a term used by balloon fetishists to describe their unusual interest for of latex-influenced love. You can contact her at dominaelle.com

The Power Hour:

Jamie Kennedy came by today to talk to us about his new show “Oh, Sit!” Wednesdays at 8/7c on CWNetwork. Jamie was full of stories including his old pizza delivery days. Next time you run into Jamie ask him about his experience in the Playboy Mansion Grotto!

We had new models Stacy, Lucy, Jackie and Lisa join Jamie in the mini mansion demonstrating his “Oh, Sit” alternatives! We started with a musical “Oh, Sit on My Face,” it was a great morning in the studio!

One Response to “Tuesday 8/21/12”

  1. Marc Johnson Says:

    show more of andrea.

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