Wednesday 8/22/12


Andrea gave Warren Sapp, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player a warm welcome to the show by tweeting a picture of her breasts to him. Warren kicked off the show telling it how it is and discussing his new book, “Sapp Attack.” Check out his book today

We finally announced the winner of the HOT CHICK/ UGLY SNORE contest! Congratulations to Leslie, we spoke to her fiancé, Harold who submitted her! She has no idea!

Playboy Advisor Chip Rowe chatted with us about pansexuality, which is someone who is attracted to other people regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. Chip shared his advice with us and others. If you have a question for our Playboy Advisor, let us know.

We nominated Heffy Awards, and we’ll announce the winner tomorrow! Who will win, Kevin, Andrea, Gina, Elise or Jaron?

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the power hour talking to Hollywood legend, Harry Shearer! His new album “Can’t Take a Hint” comes out on August 27th. We also played our famous trivia game Know it or Show it with Ana and Diana! Losing bottoms and bikini tops, Ana and Diana got naked!

4 Responses to “Wednesday 8/22/12”

  1. I really enjoy your show! You guys have really good chemistry together and work well with each other. I would love to see Andrea dress up with a cow girl luck. Maybe a short jeans skirt with, a nice top that shows off her beautiful breast, and cowboy boats! I would dvr that shit and rewind t over and over!!!

  2. Who is ana from today’s know it or show it part of the show she is HOTTTT

  3. What was Ana’s last name from the show today?

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