Thursday 8/23/12


Andrea has a photo shoot tomorrow with some very sexy PLAYMATES. Hopefully she can kidnap Miss September Alana Campos and bring her by the studio!

Kevin’s Heffy nominee, Margaret Jackson wins the Heffy award for being hefftastic! Margaret Jackson fought off a burglar using her barbecue tools and stabbing the burglar in the neck! “Whomp in the neck!”  

We talked to Beautiful Brazilian Gabriela Dias, September 2012 “Becoming Attraction” on the phone. Then Kevin introduced a new Nymphomercial “Show Stoppers” (or as Andrea calls it Titty Tape). This Show Stopper is not intended  for our Associate Producer Elise because we love to see her breasts! Check out 

We chatted with Lara the spokesperson from ! National Go Topless Day is this Sunday, August 26th. Visit the website for more information and to support women’s rights to go topless!  


Power Hour:

Mr. Skin is back with celebrity nudity! Mr. Skin discussed Kathleen Robertson as the hottest girl on TV right now where she has been recently seen in the STARZ original series “Boss.”

We played our own version of Twister today, using our sexy model Roxanne Dawn as our Twister mat. Sherra and Sasha played Titty Twister and touched each other’s erogenous zones!

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