Thursday 8/30/12


Today Jaron will audition for the first male model search on The Price is Right! We support you and wish you the best of luck!

We talked about the 22-year-old conjoined twins Abby and Brittany, as they hit the spotlight with their own reality TV show. The sisters are followed as they graduate from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minn. and embark on the job hunt. TLC will debut the new docu-reality series soon. Check out more info on the girls here.

Playboy Advisor Chip Rowe joined us today for his weekly advice. From Sex toy parties to looking at engagement rings and having only one testicale, Chip answered it all. 

We spoke with Cameron Hughes a Super fan for hire: if your sports team sucks or you need a motivator to rally up a crowd, Cameron is your fella!  As a result of being a super fan, Cameron scores free tickets and has even built a fan base. Check out Cameron at

We learned more about Playboy’s State of the Man  today and the topic was, PLAY TIME!  Did you know 5 % of men have used prescription drugs for fun in the past six months? It also came about that men surfing the Internet spend approximately 2 hours and 2 minutes in a day! Lastly, men spend 28 minutes texting and 2 hours and 16 minutes watching TV.  Pretty interesting… stay tuned for tomorrow’s topic: TECHNOLOGY!

Today we got a peek at some collectible PLAYBAY items. First up was Joe with his life-size Playmate party puzzle, which included 150 pieces.

Second, was Kimberly with her Playboy slot machine.

Lastly, Christal was selling a unique collection of Playboy items. You can buy her collections for the ultimate party room!

 The Playbay item of the day was the Playboy Slot Machine!

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin firing from every cylinder chatted with us about the latest celebrity nudity! We met newest Playmate, Miss September 2012 Alana Campos. She scored a perfect score on her Pick Six!  

Giselle, Maria and Veronica joined the mini mansion for The RePUBElican Convention! Lazors, Razors and Landing Strips; the girls supported their different pubic hairstyles.


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