Thursday 9/6/12


We started the morning off by chatting with Dan Ingala from where he created our very own Playboy Morning Show tune. Today, we heard the “World Exclusive” melody Dan created with an 80’s vibe. If you’re looking for someone to write a song for you, he will do it!

It’s that time again, and we kicked off another exciting Playboy Party Joke RemixREMIX! Don’t forget to call us with your best punch line next week! The Jokes included…

JOKE #1: If a female sex addict is called a nymphomaniac, what is a male sex addict called?

Joke #2: What do a turtle and a prostitute have in common?

JOKE #3: Why don’t women blink during foreplay?

Joke #4: Why is marriage like a tornado?

The Power Hour:

We kicked off today’s Power Hour by talking to Mr. Skin, who gave us the latest in celebrity nudity. Skin’s top favorite women this week are Olivia Wilde, Lake Bell and Zoe Saldana. You can see it all for yourself on his website. Next, we welcomed the funny guy Neal Brennan back to the studio! Neal will perform at The Laugh Factory tomorrow night at 8PM and Saturday at 11:59PM for their Midnight Madness show. Neal told us that he’s not a fan of camera under shots on women because they usually show too much thigh and not enough of the good stuff. After Andrea’s topless Lowell Down, Miss May 1996, Shauna Sand, treated us to a sexy Playmate fashion show featuring her personal bikini stash! Shauna is auctioning off her clothing, and the bidding starts at a mere $50.00! A small price to pay for some genuine Playmate memorabilia. Don’t forget to check out her motorized pink scooter, too! Adult star Taylor Wane and model Nicole Sjoberg cheered for Shauna while she showed off her rockin’ bikini body.



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