Friday 9/7/12


Happy Friday! This morning we listened to our lovely correspondent and Radio Mate, Sherra Michelle interview musicians while roaming the red carpet at the VMA’s. Sherra asked a few of the artists what their turn on’s and turn off’s consisted of! On a side note, Jaron lost Fantasy Girl points due to Rihanna’s new pixie haircut!

We talked to Kevin Cook about his new book; “The Last Headbangers.” His book discusses NFL Football during the Rowdy and Reckless ‘70s. He explained how the era created modern sports during a time when the rules were different. You can order Kevin Cook’s book here. It’s a great read for any football fan!

We checked in with the king of Vegas, Robin Leach! This weekend you can expect frisky fireworks from Joan Rivers, Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin. The comics will sharpen their knives to slice and dice silly celebutantes and red-meat politicians! Visit 

We announced the FRIDAY AWARDS, here are the categories:

-Worst call of the week: replacement referees from the NFL

-Original song of the week: Elise’s Notes!

-Sexiest moment of the week: Playmate Shauna Sand– Miss May 1996

The Power Hour: 

Today’s Power Hour fun began when Gabriela Dias entered the mini mansion in her coral colored crochet top – that she made herself! The Brazilian model is Playboy’s current “Becoming Attraction,” featured on page 21 of the September 2012 issue. Gabriela told us secrets about South American men – they’re romantic and really know what they’re doing in bed! Being the North American man that he is, jokester Kevin hid under the table in an attempt to get Gabriela to take off her skirt. He promised he wasn’t looking, but we know the truth. Next, Andrea played “Lick ‘em, Stick ‘em, and Pick ‘em!” She licked her boobs, placed them on paper footballs with NFL team names written on them, and whichever teams stuck to her glorious breasts – those were the ones she picked to win this weekend! Her list includes Denver, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Green Bay, Miami, NY Jets, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, New England, Jacksonville, Detroit and Kansas City. We also added our own football creativity by playing “Fantasy Flag Football.” Four of our sexy models, Chelsea, Katrina, Samantha and Sarah went head-to-head to see who could score the most touchdowns! The score didn’t matter – when half-naked girls play sports, we ALL win.

3 Responses to “Friday 9/7/12”

  1. Hot broads on the TV show today. Let’s get their panties off. Show some pu*sy.

    Especially Chelea Brooke. Been in the studio 20 times, still never dropped the panties.

    The greatest show ever will be the day Chelsa Brooke looses the panties and we get a nice sweet close up of her pus*y in the studio.

  2. For every hot chick bit you do, the pay off should be the viewer getting to see the girl FULLY NUDE. We want to see pussy. Too many topless only segments.

    Every T & A based segement should be predicated on getting the girls bottom off and showing us viewers the pussy.

  3. The next time Chelsea Brooke is in the studio SHE MUST GET NUDE.

    She’s been in the studio like 10 times and has only gone topless.

    Us TV viewers want to see the pussy. You must get her bottom off next time she’s on the TV show.

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