It’s time for another one!

Give us your best caption for the cartoon below, found in the Sept. 2012 issue of Playboy magazine.

31 Responses to “Cartoon-Up!”

  1. I swear I thought “Whore” was the brand name of the saddle when I ordered it.

  2. I ordered saddle bags not saddle sags!!!

  3. kevin klein Says:

    Fine, then you can milk her.

  4. Woman: I said “it’s time to replace your old horse, not your old whores”

  5. Aim by Whiskey Says:

    I had to put the last one down after she broke her ankle.

  6. I said “go saddle up the horse, Not go saddle up the whore”!

  7. Neil Giordano Says:

    Kevin for the last time that is still cheating.

  8. I thought you didn’t want me going bareback anymore.

  9. Drew Scheetz Says:

    I didnt come to ride and rope I came to buck and fuck

  10. Women “don’t you think a 69 hand whorse is to big for you?”… (Kevin, you measure horses in hands, a hand is 4 inches)

  11. “Time to saddle up !”

  12. I dont care if it was a good trade! I am not riding that!!!

  13. a first for proposals, a second on mules for sister Sarah, and three for Tommy Crew out of a possible right?

  14. I thought you wanted to go whoresback riding!

  15. kevin is god Says:

    Let’s hope she doesn’t lift her tail.

  16. Peter D'Amico Says:


  17. All the guy said when i bought her was she would be good in the saddle

  18. Gina's Hair Says:

    whoever said you can lead a horse to water but it won’t suck your cock?

  19. I said a “sprinkler” not a “squirter”! Poor birds dont know what theyre eating.

  20. I told you Not to ride her!!!!!
    “I didn’t!”
    Then what the Fuck are the birds eating?

  21. That puddle of pee ain’t bad. You should see the pile of shit out back!!

  22. Fine, you can keep her. But don’t be asking me to clean up after her.

  23. Looking down at Farrell,Kevin says “I was going to pick up the mini-ponyfrom the guy on Craigs-list but he sold me this instead, Can we keep her ?”

  24. Robert McNeill Says:

    Sorry baby I just had to ride her

  25. “Honey, I thought you said she rides better bare-back”

  26. David Brasher Says:

    But honey, it’s the annual whore round up….

  27. I’m a democrat & this is my new ASS!

  28. Well dear you said you wanted to ride a cowgirl

  29. Steve noyes Says:

    I don’t need you anymore BITCH!!!
    Now take your shit and get the fuck out of my house.

  30. You told me 8 secs was average for a man!

  31. The saddles for you sweetheart, I ride a little farther back. Mount up!!

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