Monday 9/10/12


Elise loses her first set of points from her Fantasy Girl’s Pittsburg Feelers! Random hottie, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were married over the weekend at Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  Elise is down 6 points!

Today we discussed Facebook stalkers, Instagram creepers and twitter freaks! Be careful who you are accepting as a friend, it might be a Taliban soldier in disguise trying to squeeze you for vital information.

For sale on eBay right now is a “vagina onion ring.” The top bid, sadly, is $9,100. According to the eBay post — the seller got an order of onion rings at Burger King last month and decided that two of them that apparently were fried together look like a vagina. Check it out!

We got into Good Naked/ Bad Naked stories just before the Power Hour Auditions kicked off!

The Power Hour:

Today we held Girlfriend Auditions for the newly single Tom Cruise!  Three potential mates joined us in the mini mansion, dressed in a “Risky Business” fashion – white button-down shirts, underwear and sunglasses only. HOT! Lisa, Molly and Sara were given the challenge of jumping on the couch while stating their reasons why they’d be the best fit for Tom! As the girls anticipated the sexy, single actor making his big entrance, we introduced them to “Tomas Cruz” instead! Oddly enough, they weren’t as interested in dating our Tom. After that, Andrea played “Lick ‘em, Stick ‘em, and Pick ‘em” again. She licked her boobs, placed them on paper footballs with NFL team names, and titty picked the Bengals and the Raiders to win tonight’s games. Place your bets!

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