Wednesday 9/12/12


Today we began the show discussing VPL (Visible Panty Lines). Apparently panty lines are not sexy, but have they ever been?

We also looked back on our roots to find out who is related to someone famous- Royalty, movie stars, inventors, heroes.  We broke down cousins, second cousins and so on to find out that current cover model Katrina Darling on Playboy’s September 2012 issue is related to Kate Middelton! Our Associate Producer Elise aka @MissAlizayy is related to Napoleon. Let us know if you have a famous relative in the cousin category (877-205-9796).

Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe took questions and gave advice about how to fix a past when having sex with your best friends wife, to men not interested in their heavy and overweight partners.  If you have a question Chip will help! We also nominated Heffy awards right before the power hour!

The Power Hour:

We started off the Power Hour by talking with Ari Graynor about her new film, “For a Good Time, Call,” a romantic comedy about female friendship…and lots of phone sex! Ari suggested taking your best friend and see the movie, which is in theatres now! Boyd Tinsley dropped by the studio to share stories about his life with Dave Matthews Band. The inspirational musician always had a passion to play the violin and be a part of music. He recently wrote, scored and produced a new film called, “Faces in the Mirror” which is available on iTunes. Boyd and the rest of the band will finish their tour tonight, performing at the Hollywood Bowl. Also, models Charlotte, Jaclyn and Leslie joined us to compete in a round of everyone’s favorite radio game show, “Know It or Show It.” Today’s categories included VPL and Other Abbreviations, Apple Releases Its Newest Product Today: Long Lines of Nerds (questions about technology), and the Playboy Grab Bag (random trivia). The girls failed to answer the questions correctly, so they lost clothing and we got to see it all!

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