Friday 9/21/12


Happy iPhone 5 Day! We checked in with Siri today who did nothing but harass Andrea! After that, we talked to Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno who is back for “Dancing With the Stars: All Stars” premiering Monday 9/24 and 8PM ET/PT on ABC! Also don’t forget, the new October 2012 issue of Playboy is on stands today-go get yours!

Robin Leach gave us the latest news taking place in Vegas, 10,000 single girls will be gathering this weekend for the World’s largest Bachelorette party! Robin said they will link arms for a champagne toast and also have a garter sling shot competition. All the single ladies raise your glasses!

Friday Awards were announced celebrating the best moments of the week! Some of the awards included:

1. Body Part of the Week:

Cody’s vagina for Vagtriloquism

2. Romantic Chemistry of The Week:

Wyclef and his Playboy magazine

3. Sexiest Moment:

– Walkie talkie sex with Kevin and Andrea!

The Power Hour:

Today’s Power Hour began with Kitty Davis returning to sing Elise’s weekly show notes! Kitty showed off her all natural ‘double- D’ breasts, while wearing her Opera Diva Viking hat again! Also, in honor of iPhone 5 Day, we treated our audience to a “sexting” tutorial. Andrea gave our beautiful long-legged model Krystin step-by-step instructions on how to compose the perfect sext message, which included taking a picture of her flawless butt! Of course, Kevin asked her to tweet it out for everyone’s pleasure, which she happily did. Next, we got to know our new, innocent-looking PlayboyLive model Layla during a round of Coochie Casino! We felt like gambling this morning so we placed bets on her Sexual Past, Present and Future. We learned that Layla’s favorite place to have sex in public is on a lifeguard tower! Even though Andrea and Kevin were the only ones betting, we all won when she showed us exactly how she was shaved – completely! We wrapped up the show with Andrea’s Lick ‘em, Stick ‘em and Pick ‘em NFL Titty Picks! Her beautiful breasts predicted that the Redskins, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, 49’ers, Saints, Cardinals, Chargers, Steelers, Broncos and New England Patriots will win. Place your bets!

One Response to “Friday 9/21/12”

  1. Kitty is awesome. Incredibly sexy and talented. More more more. Playboy pictorial! A star is born!

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