The Playboy Morning Show

Monday 9/24/12

Today, Kevin shared details of his “epic weekend,” which included a trip to the Playboy Mansion! Cooper Hefner invited Kevin (probably by accident) to celebrate his 21st birthday with him and a few friends. The guest list for Cooper’s intimate pool party gathering included Playboy icon and Kevin’s masturbation fantasy girl, Pamela Anderson! Kevin actually managed to score a HUG from Pam, by pretending he was an unemployed valet attendant. She felt sorry for him. Kevin also got to hobnob with TV A-listers at an exclusive Emmy after-party! Bryan Cranston? CHECK. Sofia Vergara? CHECK. Kobe Bryant? CHECK! Kevin even managed to meet another one of his masturbation fantasy girls, Emmanuelle Chriqui. Needless to say, he’s on his way to a NAME DROPPER Friday Award this week.

Kevin and Brian Olea celebrate Cooper Hefner’s 21st 

Kevin and Playboy magazine Editorial Director, Jimmy Jellinek

Cooper and Pam Anderson, courtesy of Cooper Hefner 

We spoke with Miss June 1997, Playmate Carrie Stevens, about her new catering company, Centerfold Chefs – bringing beautiful women and food to you! That’s right, Carrie and her team of Playmates, Cyber Girls and other gorgeous models will create a menu for your special event – no matter what it is – and serve it up with some sexy! Carrie says her next gig is a lesbian baby shower. Andrea wants to join her team! Kevin just wants an invite.

Power Hour!

Today we welcomed back our favorite little person, Brad Williams. He told us that he recently got pulled over with a black guy in his car. Brad said that the cop let him go, but his friend got 5 years. (Yes, you can hear that joke and more by checking out Brad’s podcast, About Last Night.) Brad also talked a masseuse into having sex with him. However, he paid her for the massage. We’re still not sure that’s legal…Playboy models Carrie Lynn and Danielle joined us for a round of  “Can a Bunny Make a Funny?” Hot women telling original jokes! If they made Kevin, Andrea and Brad laugh, the ladies scored cash. If not, they lost clothing. In the end, our ‘bunnies’ ended up naked – just the way we like it!

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