Tuesday 9/25/12

The replacement referees have officially lost control! Given that the NFL is the biggest deal in American sports, the NFL deserves all the criticism it’s getting after Monday night’s controversial ending! Kevin was still noticeably upset about the replacement refs so he gave one of the refs a call. His name is Cookie!

We discovered a possible new Heffy nominee this morning!  Stanley Jerry Hoffman is just your average 83-year-old from Southern California who happens to make his own brand of “politically driven Cyber Rap.” Our new nominee also goes by the name Kwayzar!

We checked in with Scott Alexander, the Games & Gadgets guru! Next, we got into “Carol and Andrea, Gay Women Straight Talk.” Our guest today was Kerrie Hopkins, who has spent years studying personality traits through brain and cognitive studies; an adjunct to psychological studies. She is also a collaborator with business, marketing & legal experts. She is the author of BREAKING THE NAME CODE: Define Your Name, Design Your Life.

The Power Hour: 

We began today’s Power Hour by chatting with Lisa Lampanelli about her “Forget Money – Get a Job with Sex Appeal” column in the October 2012 Playboy issue. Lisa considers chefs, firemen and policemen to be the sexiest workers. Lisa also shared her hatred towards men’s genitals and uncircumcised penises. You can see “Comedy’s Lovable Queen of Mean” perform this Sunday, Sept. 30th at the Canyon Club in Agoura. Next,things got a little out of control when comedians Jo Koy, Owen Benjamin and Skylar Stone joined us to judge The Fuck Me Voice,” our Playboy take on the hit NBC show, “The Voice.” They faced the wall blindfolded as, one-by-one, our contestants introduced themselves and shared a sexy story. Based on their voices alone, our judges decided whether or not to turn their chairs around, and choose a contestant to be on their team. Sklyer chose Pat – a GUY, Owen picked beautiful Paula, but it was Jo Koy who swept the competition! He scored two gorgeous models for his team, Lindsey and Destiny, and they were all crowned the winners of “The Fuck Me Voice”!

One Response to “Tuesday 9/25/12”

  1. Paula Delcid Says:

    Funnn Times!!!!!

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