Wednesday 9/26/12

This morning we talked about one of Andrea’s favorite insects, BEES! Just kidding. Given that Andrea hates bees, Kevin gave her three scenarios and asked her to choose which one she would prefer to put herself in. That didn’t go so well, so we checked in with John Hafernik instead, a professor of Biology at SF State University and ZomBEE expert! It’s true they do exist!

Then we got into Playboy’s voted Top 10 party Schools. Ranking one through ten first up was:

1.)   University of Virginia

2.)   University of Southern California

3.)   University of Florida

4.)   University of Texas

5.)   University of Wisconsin

6.)   University of Georgia

7.)   Vanderbilt University

8.)   Tulane University

9.)   Texas Christian University

10.) Ohio State University

Also, voted as number one university for best sex life was the University of North Carolina, and number one in nightlife was Southern Methodist University. If you are interested in more rankings check out page 84-85 in the October 2012 Playboy issue. After, we then nominated Heffy Awards from Kevin, Andrea, Gina, Elise and Jaron?

The Power Hour:

Today we started off the Power Hour by getting to know Jessie Cruickshank, co-host to Jamie Kennedy on the CW’s game show, “Oh Sit!” Kevin was able to pronounce her last name correctly – which sounds like ‘crook-shank,’ even though Andrea heard it as “Crook-shit.” The gorgeous and classy Jessie took it in stride, saying she wanted to be called ONLY that moving forward! Jessi talked about her birth in a small town A&W Restaurant in Canada, along with why she doesn’t seem to be popular with the lesbians. We also had three sexy models, Caitlyn, Danielle and Lisa, join us for everyone’s favorite naked trivia game show, “Know it or Show It!” Today’s categories included Oh Oh Oh-Obama – questions about The President, There’s a Bacon Shortage and we Really Need a Cure – questions about meat, and Penises and Other Things You Can Sit On. Of course, the beautiful ladies failed to answer the questions correctly, so they lost clothing and we got to see it all!

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