Wednesday 10/3/12


Happy Hump Day!

A new Japanese Cuddle Club has been brought to our attention. There is a new snuggle shop in Japan, where customers will pay women to sleep with them — just sleep. The shop wants to provide customers “the simple and ultimate comfort of sleeping together with someone,” without having sex. Prices start at 3,000 Japanese yen (about $38) for 20 minutes. An hour costs 6,000 yen (about $77), and customers who need some serious slumber can get 10 hours for 50,000 yen, or a whopping $640 Soineya charges an additional fee to customers who want to choose which girl they sleep with. Should Elise and Andrea create their own shop?

Chip Rowe, the Playboy Advisor took questions about his Poison Ivy outbreak! OUCH! However, the more serious questions about triple nipples and sensitive penis’s were better to discuss.

We spoke with hip hop legend RZA and his new movie with Quentin Tarantino, The Man with the Iron Fists. The Action- adventure film is inspired by Kung- Fu classics as interpreted by his longtime collaborators RZA and Eli Roth. The opening day is November 2nd so mark your calendars now, it looks amazing!

The Power Hour:

Today’s Power Hour started off with Andrea’s famous Lowell Down, which was full of interesting news. For instance, an innovative dentist has created a musical drill in the hopes of easing his patients’ fears about the intrusive instrument. Apparently, if music is playing, it’ll help make those dreaded trips to the dentist slightly more bearable. Also, in honor of tonight’s Presidential Debate, we invited our own Master Debaters in-studio to discuss several hot topics. Kimberly and Veronica took to the podiums for the first debate regarding Oral sex, while Sherra and Tania shared their views on exporting foreign jobs to China. Our Round One winners, Kimberly and Tania, then had a final debate, regarding interracial sex and Health care. Looking hot and using their best knowledge, both girls made strong arguments for their pro and con stances, and were named our official Master Debaters!


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