Monday 10/8/12


This morning we spoke with Cacau Oliver and his sexy interpreter Adriana about the Miss Bum Bum competition. Brazil is gearing up for its “Miss Bumbum” pageant, a nationwide contest to find the best butt in the country. The nation’s favorite posterior will be chosen from 27 competitors, one representing each of Brazil’s states. “bumbum,” the most common word for butt in Brazil. The 15 finalists will travel to São Paulo in November for the grand finale.

Today we deciphered the difference between Good Naked and Bad Naked before we created a “Sexual Exploration” game. Kevin, Andrea, Elise, Gina and Jaron each came up with two sexual explorations they want to try. Out of a hat, we pulled at random a different exploration for each of us to complete whether it was our own idea or not.  The given explorations  included:

Kevin- Having a threesome

Andrea- Having sex while driving

Elise- Masturbating in front of Co-workers

Gina- Having Skype sex

Jaron- Having sex in a public place

The Power Hour:

Today we welcomed Sloan Bella and Wayne, two very talented psychics, to the Mini Mansion. We tested their abilities on two of our lovely models, Paula and Britnee. First up was Sloan, a beautiful and gifted psychic medium, astrologer and metaphysician who predicted that Paula would move away in three years, and that she’d be running her own business in 14 years. Next up was Psychic Wayne who gave a tarot card reading on Britnee’s life and future. While the girls were left in shock by the accuracy of it all, Kevin did his own psychic readings to test his clairvoyant abilities against our experts’.  His technique? Interpreting the auras of our models’ BREASTS. The whole studio was stunned when Kevin correctly sensed that Britnee had a huge fear of Palmetto bugs! Could he be the next Psychic phenomenon?

2 Responses to “Monday 10/8/12”

  1. Have you noticed Amanda representing Bahia on the bumbum site ? I think Amanda is a guy – See video 2 where she talks – you will be surprised

  2. Where is the cartoon up???

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