Thursday 10/11/12


This morning we kicked off the show allowing our listeners to ask Stephen Hawking Anything! We had Playboy model Joy Glass ask how Stephen merges God and science together, and we even heard Elise ask if her boobs would continue to grow throughout her adulthood. The answer was yes!

We had a Fantasy Girls Team update today for Andrea’s Minnesota Dykings and Elise’s Pittsburg Feelers.  Lindsey Lohan was reported in a catfight with her mother! An argument broke out in a cab and a 911 call was even made. Scoring another set of Fantasy Points was Miley Cyrus spotted doing a strip tease for her onset co-workers. More points went to the Pittsburg Feelers for reported photos revealing  Kate Moss and her full size breast and also for Snookie losing ten pounds. 

Our Sexual Explorations are coming to an end who will win first, Kevin, Andrea, Gina, Jaron or Elise?

We played a round of “What’s In Their Pant’s?” where we had many callers guess what was stuffed down the pants of various adventures in the news! A few items found hidden in people’s pants were a chainsaw, orange flavored vodka, steaks and three bottles of cough syrup!

A beautiful Playboy model, Mandy Marie joined us on the phone for “I’ve Got A Secret.”  The 5’5 blonde and natural beauty is currently studying to become an Occupational Therapist. All the way in Detroit, Michigan, Mandy tells us her secret when she had sex in a public restroom on a yacht at night.


The Power Hour:

This morning Kevin started off the Power Hour by telling everyone that he will not spend more than three seconds focusing on Andrea during the show so he is not distracted. Then Mr. Skin, aka Senõr Epidermis, shared his celebrity nudity news of the week! He pointed out former WWE Diva Taryn “Tiffany” Terrell in a scene from Treme, and predicts that it may be one of the top ten nude scenes of the year! We also talked to comedian Dave Attell, who will be performing at the Brea Improv this Friday 10/12 and Saturday 10/13. Lastly, we had our two beautiful models Destiny and Lisa join us to talk about their vices. Destiny discussed her go-to vice of smoking weed to help with her insomnia issues, while Lisa described her massive daily junk food intake! After that, we got into our “Vice Debates” which was our creative way in honoring tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate. The categories of our three rounds consisted of, Sex Slavery, Medicinal Marijuana and Pre-Marital Sex. Destiny – with her marijuana vice – won our Vice Debate! 


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