Friday 10/12/12


Happy Friday! Andrea took advice from fans this morning about her Sexual Exploration tasks, which is to have “sex while driving” over the weekend. However, Elise technically already wins the Sexual Exploration Test by completing her exploration yesterday! Do you have what it takes to be a Playboy model? We are casting next week in New York! Check out to submit.

As usual we got the latest on all things Vegas from the one and only Robin Leach! Coco will be starring in the new Las Vegas Peep Show role starting December 3rd! Also, the Madonna 2012 North America Tour will be taking place in Vegas October 13th at the MGM Grand!



We announced the FRIDAY AWARDS, the categories were Power Head of the Week, Phonetastic Winner/ Translator of the Week and The Sexiest Moment of the Week.

In many Eastern countries, paying respects to the dead with earthly gifts — like food and money — is not an uncommon practice. However, Taiwan, some have taken ancestor worship to sexier heights, as strippers pole dance and peel off their clothes for the benefit of the deceased. We talked to Marc Moskowitz, the man behind all the “Dancing for the Dead.”


The Power Hour:

Today we celebrated Oktoberfest, one of the most famous events in Germany that turned into OktoberBREAST in the Mini Mansion! Since Oktoberfest is the celebration of beer, we introduced a tall, thin and beautiful Beer Wench, Kahlelah, to serve Kevin and Andrea a das boot full of beer! Then we had four other gorgeous ladies, Bethany, Courtney, Kat and Caitlyn, stop by for a round of “Truth or Bare.” They wrote down anonymous sexy stories, and Kevin & Andrea had to guess which stories belonged to which girls. Also, some of the girls were so flexible we had no choice but to create naked human pretzels! Kat and Caitlyn showed off their intertwined moves, while Courtney and Bethany demonstrated a scissor pose together. It was hot! As we wrapped things up, the girls had to spell out German words with bratwursts in their mouths. Although it was difficult to understand them, the girls still looked sexy! Andrea finished things off by using her famous titties to predict which NFL teams will win this weekend! They include: Raiders, Browns, Rams, Colts, Eagles, Chiefs, Cowboys, Patriots, Cardinals, 49’ers, Redskins and the Texans. Good luck, players!

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