New Car…Toon-Up!

Leave your best caption for this cartoon, found in the October 2012 issue of Playboy magazine.

20 Responses to “New Car…Toon-Up!”


  2. Drew Scheetz Says:

    Baby Im going to butter your bread!!!

  3. Chris Franco Says:

    Honey, I know this looks crazy……but I need to borrow the cat!

  4. 50 shades of Grey!

  5. So I saw that book club this month is “50 Shades of Grey.”

  6. ” Hey, It’s time for my enema again!”

  7. Yet another side effect of Cialis!

  8. Do you know where the baby carrots are? I’m filming my food porn video!

  9. I’m making a food porno called McBurglar & the secret of his sauce.

  10. nathan in colorado Says:

    I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC! In my hand is a transcript of chats you had with our undercover officer who looks under age! What’s this about cats and whipped cream?

  11. kevin is god Says:

    Nice Pussy!

  12. Future Gina

  13. Mildred, this is not what I had in mind when I told you I needed a suit for casual friday.

  14. can you guess who I am suppose to be? ???? I’m the porno hamburglar

  15. I’m making a food porno called Hamburglar & the secret of his sauce.

  16. chris frm fla Says:

    What the fuck! Diet and glouten free!! You know I got to have my glueten..

  17. Where’s my beer bitch!

  18. What the fuck! Diet! and glueten free! You know I need my glueten.

  19. it’s still less creepy than your cat

  20. Hey lady do you wanna nana do something yee kinkyee do ya lady?

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