Tuesday 10/16/12


We talked to Ashley Alexis, who was recently named Playboy South Africa’s first ever Girl Next Door.  Ashley also received a seven-page spread in Playboy South Africa. Playboy’s Miss Social February 2011 just launched a Breast Cancer Charity Campaign – “Cleavage for the Cure.” Four months ago she had a Breast Enlargement to DDs.  And will be matching up each of her old bras with a photo from one of her shoots (in each bra), signing both picture & bra and auctioning them off on eBay.  The Majority of every dollar earned will go to Susan G Komen For the Cure. Her goal is $1000.00 dollars.


Scott Alexander our Games & Gadgets guru talked about the new Asus padphone, Samsung Ultra Touch notebook & more! Then we played WHAT WOULD HEF DO, where we had to figure out the correct nickname of Hef’s penis. The answer was: “The Devil in the Flesh.” For Touch Them Titties Month we also played a few more Top 34-C Boob Songs of All Time!

An Australia man was recently booted from Print Hall, one of Perth’s newest rooftop bars, when the owners decided they didn’t care for his mullet haircut being inside their trendy establishment. We spoke with David Hoogland who was drinking with his fiancé and some friends on Oct. 5 when a manager asked him to take his hairdo elsewhere.

The Power Hour:

We kicked off today’s Power Hour with our second Food Porn submission! This one came from Producer Gina, who created an interracial food-on-food action called the “Hot Jewish Babe Eats Pork.”  Then we introduced our second Halloween Hottie of the week! Paisley rolled into the Mini Mansion on her roller skates, wearing a skimpy derby waitress costume with no panties! Paisley’s specialty Tip was to reach the heart of a man by taking his order and giving it right back (sexually). Before Andrea gave her informative topless Lowell Down, Kevin praised her titties for choosing the right team in last night’s NFL Titty Pick! Well done, Broncos! Last but not least, we held our own Town Hall of Hotness with Playboy model candidates Charlotte and Paisley. The girls were asked several questions from callers and listeners about Sex, Orgasms and even Health Care! Here’s what we learned: marijuana should be legal, being shaved is the way to go, and hot women have lots of orgasms.

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