Monday 10/22/12


We spoke to the beautiful Mandy Caruso who revealed the sexual harassment she endured at Comic Con when she dressed in a racy costume for the gathering of comic book, at comic con New York. It’s common for young women to dress in revealing and deliberately skimpy costumes for comic conventions. It’s also common, Miss Caruso revealed in a post on her blog, for them to be sexually harassed by overzealous fans. She described several encounters at last weekend’s NY Comic Con with men who posed for pictures ogling her breasts. She also recounted being ‘surrounded’ by a camera crew who claimed to be filming a feature on fans, but instead seemed more interested in talking about her cup size.

Then we talked with Math Professor Michael Small from Western Australia University who gave us the secrets to playing Roulette. Small says knowing where the ball starts bouncing and which deflector it hits is key to narrowing down which of the 36 squares (in a casino-grade European roulette wheel) it will eventually come to rest in. Small and colleague Dr. Chi Kong Tse of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University developed a simple model for the motion of a roulette wheel and ball. They showed that if you know the initial position, velocity and acceleration of the ball you can narrow down where it’s going to land, thereby increasing the odds of winning.


After, we got into some Good Naked/ Bad Naked stories involving scandalous teachers and naked car thieves.

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour playing our Top 34C Boob Songs of All Time in honor of Touch them Titties Month. Today we heard #18: “Feel Your Boobies” #17: “Big Boobs” and #16: “Breast Self Exam Rap.” Then we introduced today’s Halloween Hottie, Jackie, who showed off her sexy long legs in a Fantasy Football costume. Her sheer jersey top and lace-up panties left our imaginations running wild. We brought in two more models, Lindsey and Kat who stopped by to try out for our All Sorority Team in the Rho Beta Chapter (Rho Beta stands for PB)! The girls took turns spinning The Wheel of Playzing, full of special tasks to complete such as Human Centipede, which had the ladies get on their knees, line up mouth-to-ass and walk in unison as a single, SEXY creature. After the girls completed their given responsibilities, we officially welcomed them into our Theta Iota Theta (TIT) Sorority! So far our pledge class is up to six! Before the show came to an end, Andrea’s titties predicted the Chicago Bears to win tonight’s NFL game!

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