Tuesday 10/23/12


In Northern California, High School athletes formed a “Fantasy Slut League” that awards points for sexual conquests. Piedmont High School principal Rich Kitchens says the league, which has existed up to six years, has disbanded. A letter was sent to parents on Friday saying female students are drafted as part of the league and male students earn points for having sex with the girls.


Scott Alexander who was declared TABLETGEDDEN, gave us an update on all new Games & Gadgets. The Apple factory has released it’s new iPad Mini or rumoured as the iPad Air !  The brand new seven-inch iPad is now thinner and lighter than before. Apple’s invitation for October 23 makes it crystal clear there’s more new iGear coming this year. It will range between $250 0r $350 depending on storage. Scott also talked about a new 13 in Mac Book Pro in the works.

 Then we played back our Top 34 C Boob Songs of All Time landing us at #15 with “Titties & Beer” #14: “Milkshake” (temporary place holder) and #13: “Touch Them Breasts.” Girls keep touching them titties!

This week Playboy is listing the top rated and most notoriously Haunted Hotels! We started off today talking with Bill Ott, Director of Marketing and Communications for The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa.  Dubbed the most haunted hotel in America, the Crescent Hotel located in Eureka Springs was built in 1886 by a couple of tycoons hoping to cash in on a health craze. At the time, Eureka Springs was known for its healing water, which many believed cured ailments and even cancer. They market themselves as a Mountain Top Spa -with ghosts. If you want to read more about the haunting of the 1886 Crescent, visit AmericasMostHauntedHotel.

Before the Power Hour we played a game of “Is This Cheating.” Listeners asked Andrea whether or not their scenarios were considered cheating.  

The Power Hour: 

We kicked off today’s Power Hour with another Food Porn video, this time from Mark in Texas, called “Eat Shit and Pie!” If you haven’t submitted a video yet, you should! Send it to morningshow@playboy.com! Then we introduced today’s Halloween Hottie, Desiree, who was dressed as a sexy vampire – wearing sharp fangs, a sheer body suit, fish net stockings and thigh-high boots! We were also thrilled to have Mark Boone Junior stop by the Mini Mansion. His friends call him Boone, but you may recognize him as “Bobby” on FX’s adrenalized drama, Sons of Anarchy. Boone discussed his busy schedule wrapping up season 5 on SOA, his experiences playing in a band with Steve Buscemi, and his love for riding his Harley Davidson motorcycles. Make sure you catch Boone on FX Tuesday nights at 10pm E/P. Last but certainly not least, we had two sexy girls, Samantha and Krystin, join the fun for a game of Chicktionary! The girls had to guess what pictures were being painted on their chosen body parts by Kevin and Andrea. As a seasonal theme, the first picture was a pumpkin patch, followed by a gas pump and an iPad Mini. The half-naked babes did a great job posing, and Samantha won the game with the most correct guesses.


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  1. Let Me Say This, I Really Like Nor Love Desiree Claire’s Hot Sexy Outfit, Is Very Sexy, Is Very Breathtaking, Is Very Amazing And Is Very Gorgeous Too. She’s Going As A Sexy Vampire, Well That’s Great And Nice Too. Also Let Me Say That Desiree Claire’s Nice Beautiful Gorgeous Luscious Body Is Definitely A Work Of Art. My Turn On Is, Desiree Claire In Her Hot Sexy Vampire Outifit. It’s Good And Great To See Desiree Claire Again On The Playboy Morning Show!!

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