Wednesday 10/31/12



This morning Andrea and special guest host Jo Koy discussed the pros and cons about push up bras and fake bra inserts. It appears that women who wear bras with inserts to cause breast enhancements are considered a turn off!

We had an update with Superstorm Sandy starring Coco and her breasts! It looks like it’s still wet and windy on the east coast!

People are using Sandy as an excuse to hook up via Craigslist. Looking for their “Hurricane Snuggle Bunny” we decided whether it was a good idea or not.

We revealed the TOP 3 songs today in our countdown of The Top 34C Boob Songs of All Time! Coming in at #3: “Titties #2: “I Love Titties” and #1: “Tootin’ on the Hooters!”

We played a round of “What’s In Their Pant’s?” where we had many callers and Jo Koy guess what was stuffed down the pants of various adventures in the news! A couple items found hidden in people’s pants were drugs, money and legs of lamb! After, we spoke with Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe!

The Power Hour:

We kicked off our Halloween Power Hour by welcoming comedian and musician Esther Ku into the Mini Mansion for her first in-studio appearance. To celebrate, she dressed as the classic cartoon character Jem! “Ku,” as her friends call her, compared family backgrounds with guest host Jo Koy, which led to an Asian vs. Asian battle of the wits! We also found out that Ku is obsessed with her clit, so she decided to break out her ukulele and serenade us with her song, “Come, Come, Come,” which celebrates her vibrator. Next, we introduced three final Halloween Hotties! Amber, Rebecca and Sarah played the roles of sexy cop, Pocahontas and naughty school girl. For our Haunted Halloween BREASTIVAL celebration, our models had to transform into sexy ghosts by creating costumes using only scissors and sheets. The girls also participated in a Hallowiener Eating Competition! Amber, Rebecca and Sarah had to place hotdogs between their breasts and eat as much as possible. Last but not least, the ladies went Boobing for Apples! Since Amber’s perfect A-cup breasts were too small to fetch apples out of our pail of water, she took Jo Koy’s advice and used her ass cheeks instead! Happy Halloween!!!

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