Tuesday 11/6/12

Good morning! Election Day is finally here, so please go and vote!

We started off the morning talking with a bizarre 27-year-old Lawrence Edmonds, who has made a rather peculiar bet with a pal. Lawrence has visited several of England’s Anglican Cathedrals and has licked 62 of them. Edmonds still has 20 houses of worship to go and is hoping to use his mission to help raise money for the cathedrals. Edmonds also said he usually licks by a recognizable feature or a sign. Is this a strange sexual addiction, or just strange?


Scott Alexander our Games & Gadgets guru talked about the new iPad mini, Hulu and Halo 4! Then we played WHAT WOULD HEF DO, where we had to figure out Hef’s favorite hidden place in LA. The answer was: “…at the mansion in the grotto.”

We were happy to welcome back our previous Playboy Morning Show Guest of the Year, Adam Carolla! Adam gave us the low- down on his new alcohol product MANGRIA! Oh and there is 20.9% alcohol content in each bottle!


Gay Women, Straight Talk was back today starring Carol and Andrea. Today we spoke with Asia Voight, who is an internationally known Animal Communicator, Intuitive Counselor, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Host and Author.

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour by revealing this year’s STARS  for “Dancing with the Porn Stars!’’ Our 2012 competition will feature Britney Young, Courtney Taylor, Casey Cumz, Marco Banderas and Scarlet Banks. We had a sexy and very long legged spokes model, Nicole Oscarson reveal which dance our morning crew members will be performing. The teams and dances are as follows: Kevin & Britney – Morning Bollywood, Andrea & Courtney – Hairy Ballroom, Gina & Marco – Hand Job Hand Jive, Elise & Scarlet – Wife-Swapping Swing, and JaRon & Casey will perform the MerinGAY for Pay! We also had Steve Wilson and his Co-host Jan Klink  from his new “WTF” show drop by the studio. Steve and Jan, who met on Twitter, will be featured on Hot97.com starting next Monday! The show has the same humor as Tosh.O and Ridiculousness (starring Rob Dyrdek) along with many comical pictures for your viewing pleasure. 


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