Thursday 11/8/12

This morning we talked to Dr. Fran Fisher from, who went from being a nun to a sex therapist! Fran, 63, originally from Manchester, joined a convent at 18, believing the life of a nun was her calling. But within two years, she became disillusioned, left the convent and met her future husband who later introduced her to SWINGING. Dr. Fran admitted to us that nun-on-nun action is more than a rumor!

Then we got a peek at some collectible PLAYBAY items.

Item #1: Custom Build Playboy Beer Pong Table.

Item #2: A Pink Playboy Flag that hung over Rachelle’s bed and has seen a LOT of action!

Item #3: A fantastic Playboy Dart board.

Before we headed into the Power Hour we got to know our partners for “Dancing with the Stars!” Marco, Britney, Courtney, Scarlet and Casey joined Kevin and Andrea in studio.

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin kicked off the Power Hour giving us the rundown for this week in celebrity nudity. Check out his website for nude photos of the ladies starring in the new James Bond film, Skyfall!  Then we introduced our Dancing with the Porn Stars  judges! We welcomed comedian David Attell, porn legend Ron Jeremy, Broadway performer Stan Mazin and Playmate Shauna Sand into the mini mansion. They had to judge our dance teams, which consisted of a porn star and a morning show team member, on their chemistry, creativity and sexuality. Kevin & Britney performed the Morning Bollywood, Andrea & Courtney showed some skin during their Hairy Ballroom, Gina & Marco showed off their Hand Job Hand Jive, Elise & Scarlet got a little grabby during the Wife-Swapping Swing, and last but not least, Jaron & Casey scared us a little with their Merin-GAY for Pay! We also introduced a new sexy blonde bombshell, Charlie Kristine, who served as our topless “Ring Girl” for the competition, holding up a sign before each performance to let the judges know what was coming next. We are still tabulating scores and will present our winner tomorrow!





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