Tuesday 11/13/12


This morning we asked the ladies if the bows on the front of their panties piss them off. Apparently the tiny bows used as cute decorations on panties are more than just annoying!

We got the latest on all Games and Gadgets from Scott Alexander. Then Kevin and Andrea dove into the November issue of Playboy with CAN WE GET TO 10! Andrea got to 10 as she called a wedding service, while Kevin also got to 10 when he called a restaurant. It was a tie!

The Power Hour:

Today we kicked off the Power Hour with a game of “What Would Hef Do?” The question we asked Hef was, “Do you hold any World Records?” Hef told us, “I am now in the Guinness Book of Records with the most scrapbooks of anybody.” Well done, Mr. Hefner!  Then we got a chance to meet our Playboy August Miss Social winner Rose Chiauzzi and September Miss Social winner Jessica Lee Flowers.  We were also thrilled to welcome Dr. David Matlock back to the Mini Mansion, a man who has seen over 100,000 vaginas!  Dr. Matlock has dedicated his entire cosmetic practice to Female Genital Plastic Surgery and has invented a new procedure called the “G –Shot.” The procedure involves an injection of hyaluronan into the G-Spot area for increased amount of vaginal orgasms, due to increased sensitivity. Today Dr. Matlock offered one complementary “G-Shot” procedure to one of our two lovely models, Lauren and Molly, depending on who he, Kevin and Andrea felt needed it the most. The girls had to describe why they would be the best candidate for the G-Shot, and also played G-Marks The Spot – a game where they  had to pin a sticker on a demo skeleton while blindfolded, in an attempt to show where the G-Spot is located. Kevin also had Dr. Matlock show him how the injection would look by demonstrating on a raw turkey and a syringe.  After voting who would be the best candidate, Lauren Volker was our G-Shot winner!

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