Wednesday 11/14/12


This morning we heard stories regarding the complaints about nudity on in-flight programming.  Bob DeMoss, was shocked when bare breasts and a sex scene confronted him on a recent Delta flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta when he decided to tune into the free on-demand, Starz Channel political drama “Boss.” Bob said “I didn’t expect for a woman to bare her breasts six inches from my face on an airplane. We say lighten up the T & A Team is on the case.

Then we talked to our Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe who answered our listener’s questions and concerns. For example, our first question was about a married man who loves to wear women’s clothing.

Then we presented our Heffy nominees, where Andrea took the lead with her 110 year old Heffy!  

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour by welcoming T.J. Miller into the Mini Mansion for his first time! T.J. discussed his ex-wife of 37 years who shall remain nameless, and also contributed to Andreas belated Machine Gun Titty Salute to honor our Veterans.  Be sure to catch T.J. on Comedy Central’s show “Mash Up” Tuesdays at 12:30AM/ 11:30c. Then we brought in models Caitlin and Destiny for everyone’s favorite naked trivia game, “Know it or Show It!” T.J. stuck around for the nudity, and to be a life line. Today’s categories included T.J. Miller and all other famous TJ’s, Trouble happening with the CIA, Personal Questions and questions about the Election. Of course, the beautiful ladies failed to answer the questions correctly, so they lost clothing and we got to see it all!

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