New Car…Toon-Up!

We missed you last week!

Here’s a new cartoon, from the December 2012 issue of Playboy. Give us your best caption!

17 Responses to “New Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. Darn I can’t reach my drink

  2. “Can you hand me my beer while you’re down there?”

  3. “Would asking you to hand me my beer lessen the chances of you swallowing?”

  4. Keep going and get that lint out if my belly button.

  5. Kevin finally convinced his wife there was a better source if protein than Turkey.

  6. Coach Pota-Ho

  7. Dalton maddox Says:

    Head gets better with age. Or the older the Wife the sweeter the head

  8. Thanks for the throat honey but still no money for black Friday in this black economy!

  9. I meant in my beer.

  10. Chase Andrews Says:

    Ok……what did you do to my car?

  11. Holy shit I’m caught I can’t get my shirt off your zipper. And your parents will be here in 5 min. Aaaarrrrrgggggghhhh!!!!!! I left the door open. I’ll never get your mothers approvel.

  12. I’m trying my best…… But I can’t find it , are you sure it’s here honey?

  13. Dan Moriarty Says:

    This is the babysitter we’ve had since Marsha Brady quit!

  14. “Look korean lover, I sucked so hard your eyes rounded out !”

  15. Last time you got away i got an itch so “Let me smell yo Dick”

  16. If jizz tasted like chocolate.
    Honey you done yet I’m feeling drained

  17. Lorne Wilson aka Napoleon Says:

    Hold on almost got my gum

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