Wednesday 11/28/12


This morning we kicked off today’s show with CRIMES OF PASSION. We dissected a few stories, one of them involving a woman who tried to murder her boyfriend with her boobs, a man who got scratched in the eye balls by his girlfriend for finishing before he could make her climax and a lesbian who was assaulted with an ironing board from her girlfriend due to a misplaced sex toy. These CRIMES OF PASSION stories got a little out of hand when we heard about a woman punching her boyfriend in the face for choosing to watch football over sex! YIKES!

Our Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe joined in to talk about several questions and concerns. Chip helped us figure out our first question which involved a girl who does not like to be touched while she orgasms. Then we played a round of “What Would Hef Do?” The question we asked Hef was, “What do you say to people who call Playboy obscene?  Mr. Hefner told us his brilliant answer! Before we headed into the Power Hour, Andrea gave us her famous Lowell Down!

The Power Hour:

We introduced new Playmate Miss November 2012 Britany Nola, who stopped by the Mini Mansion. We got to know a lot about our Playmate! For example, in High School she was voted most likely to become famous, as well as best looking – naturally!  Britany’s sexy curves led us into Who Knows a Playmate’s Naked Body Best: Kevin, Andrea or Britney? We zoomed the TV cameras in on different parts of Britney’s Playboy pictorial, and tried to guess what we were looking at. Her breasts? Her arm? Nobody got a perfect score, but it was fun guessing! After that, we gave Britany her Playmate Pick Six. She answered six personal questions, such as, “What’s your favorite sexual position?” Her answer – on top! Of course, Britany got all of her questions right, for a perfect score! We also introduced Travis and Rog from Nat Geo’s Rocket City Rednecks. The show returns tomorrow November 29th for its second season at 9PM ET/PT. These Rednecks even made an Iron Man suit from old car parts they found in a junk yard! We wrapped up the show with everyone’s favorite naked trivia game, “Know it or Show it!” Our models Paula, Britnee and Danielle had three categories to choose from – “Let’s get ready to redneck”– questions about things that are red, “One guy only had 5 out of 6 Powerball numbers and now he has Power Blue Balls” – questions about the lottery, and “The guy who worked for NASA was a real asshole-tronaut” – questions about space. Of course, the beautiful ladies failed to answer the questions correctly, so they lost clothing and we got to see it all!


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  1. derryck salzburn Says:

    Some chezze on those thighs   Derryck Salzburn


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