Wednesday 12/5/12


Today’s item in our Mini Mansion Moving Liquidation Giveaway was Gina’s World Famous Clapping Gloves from over the years! Call us all week to win yourself some playboy memorabilia (877) 205 -9796.

Just after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was broadcasted, a new line of Anti-Rape panties were discovered. A few websites have uncovered the truth about the Victoria’s Secret anti-rape panties  line “PINK Loves CONSENT.” According to New York Magazine today, this parody was launched by activist types, “To win back customers it has alienated with its ‘rape culture’ styles.” These brands are meant to replace supposed rape-friendly slogans like “SURE THING” with rape-curbing slogans like “ASK FIRST.” The activist goes on to explain, “When it comes to sex, words like ‘no’ are for setting boundaries, NOT flirting.


Then we talked to our Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe who answered our listener’s questions and concerns. For example, our first question was about how men should wear their scarves. Which do you prefer, under the coat or over the coat?

Then we presented our Heffy nominees, where Elise took the lead with her 83-year-old nominee, Ruby Freeland.  Ruby’s 2012 firearm deer season proved to be a memorable one as she harvested a dandy 9-point buck with her trusty 30/30 lever-action Marlin while hunting with her husband! Stay tuned as we will follow up with her tomorrow!


The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with Part One of our Secret Santa Lingerie Fashion Show, featuring beautiful models, Drea, Kimberly and Jamie. Each girl had to earn a wrapped present from under our Christmas Tree by answering personal questions provided by Kevin & Andrea.  Once they unwrapped their presents – which included a decorative Star of David, a diaper, a gift bag with a reindeer on it, and more – Drea, Kimberly and Jamie had to creatively make their own lingerie outfits with them! They had seven minutes to prepare while Andrea gave us her famous Lowell Down. We wrapped up the show with Part Two of our Secret Santa Lingerie Fashion Show – the Catwalk! First, Drea presented her snow bunny costume with bows covering her nipples – and she used the inside of the diaper for her bunny tail! Jamie went for the Rudolph look, covering herself in ribbons and cut out antlers. Last but not least, we saw Kimberly wearing the Star of David across her chest with a Christmas card covering her vagina. However, she did say she wanted her card to be stuffed.



Behind the scenes


Girls 2

girls 3

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