Thursday 12/6/12


Today’s item in our Mini Mansion Moving Liquidation Giveaway was Canacopia- a few cans of bacon, cheese and butter! In addition to those items we also threw in a bra hanging from our chandelier.  Call us all week to win yourself some playboy memorabilia (877) 205 -9796.

We followed up with Elise’s Heffy Winner from yesterday’s show. The 83-year-old Ruby Freeland, who had a memorable deer-hunting season as she harvested a dandy 9-point buck with her 30/30 lever-action Marlin, joined us to accept her Heffy Award. Ruby has hunted squirrels, rabbits, deer’s and ducks, but her favorite meat is venison!


Have you ever heard of a burger that you have to sign a waiver to eat? That’s why we call it FEASTIALITY!  We spoke to Martin Bunce, owner of Atomic Burger about the new Fallout Burger Challenge. The Fallout pizza burger challenge dares you to attempt the triple burger stack with triple chili fries. The XXX Fallout Ghost chili hot sauce is so hot and savory you may just run from the deep fried double cheese & tomato pizza buns! The Challenge costs £25 per person, you must be over 18 to compete and a full, legally binding waver must be signed before attempting the Fallout challenge.


BREAKING NEWS! We had a chance to speak with Granny Lowell today. While we caught up with Granny Lowell she also gave us her love life advice, which was, “If you can’t get them in the mood, go to bed in the nude!”

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin kicked off the Power Hour sharing all the latest in celebrity nudity. We got a sneak peek at Olivia Wilde, Jessica Biel’s breasts and Leslie Mann! Then we had the beautiful Brazilian model, Gabriela Dias who was featured in our September 2012 issue for Becoming Attraction” join us to translate our interview with December 2012 Playboy model, Dany Gielh. The Southern Brazilian bombshell spoke very little English, but she did chat with us about her sexy tan lines! Thanks to Gabriela we heard all about them in detail. Next, we played a round of Hefardy – just like Jeopardy, but with only two beautiful models as contestants. Rachel and Jillisa tested their smarts in categories such as: The F- word, Things Andrea has done on a first date, Early American Literature, Lesbian Smells and Sex Positions.  Instead of hitting a buzzer to have the first turn, our models stated their names and flashed their boobs as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there was no Hefardy winner in today’s game, as the girls finished with NEGATIVE scores! Andrea also predicted the Broncos to win tonight’s game against the Raiders.





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  1. LOVE the dress Andrea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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