Monday 12/10/12


Condom Ambulance: New Service Delivers Rubbers To New Jersey College Co-Eds:

We talked Kyle McCabe, a sophomore at New Jersey College and founder of Condom Ambulance. The school has created CondAm, an on-campus condom delivery service that lets precoital co-eds order rubbers to their dorm room by phone, text or on the web. Within minutes of placing an order, founder Kyle will show up at your door with one condom ($3) or 10 ($15) and a waiver to be signed by the buyer. There’s no actual ambulance yet, but he does have a helmet with a flashing light and a backpack full of Trojans.



Bringing you the latest advancements in BACON & SEX! First up we talked to Justin, the Owner and Co-Founder of J&D’s Foods, and “Bacon Entrepreneur.”  A new high-end bacon-scented shaving cream not only makes you “feel like a champion,” but makes you smell like breakfast for hours on end. Developed by the same guys who came up with the Bacon Coffin, J&D Foods’ Bacon Shaving Cream has essential oils that condition the face and make it smell like sizzling strips of pork all day long. The product sells at $14.99 a pop!


Christmas is coming, and there’s no better way to stuff the stocking of that special someone. We talked to Greg Spielberg about The Personalized 3-DEA Sex Toy! 3DEA, a pop- up 3D printing store in New York City, is offering customized dildos formed from laser scans — and 3D print-outs — of customers’ penises. Plus, it’s not just an in-and-out affair: the 3DEA package includes champagne, chocolate, and some quality alone time in a luxury hotel room. At $250 a pop, it may be too hard a bargain for some, but those interested shouldn’t mess around, so act now!


We got into some Good Naked/ Bad Naked stories! Remember – if you come across nudity in the news and need help deciding if it’s GOOD NAKED or BAD NAKED, send it to!

Today’s Mini Mansion Moving LIQUIDATION GIVEAWAY was given to a lucky listener! We gave away Uncle Tio’s (from @BreakingBad_AMC) autographed HONORARY HEFFY TROPHY!

The Power hour:

We started today’s Power Hour off by getting to know our lovely model Gema Spice! Gema kicked off our first Homo For The Holiday’s of the season when she decided that she would go “homo” to her Aunt Debbie. Gema came clean to Aunt Debbie describing her first girl on girl experience in High School. Best line from our Homo of the Holiday’s is courtesy of Aunt Debbie when she responded to Gema’s statement being a lesbian…. “Well that explains a lot!”  Classic! We wrapped up the show with Andrea’s Titty Picks predicting the Texans to win tonight’s  NFL game!


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  1. Remember what I told you…. Rudolph got to close to the girls last year and he still has something wrong with his nose

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