Tuesday 12/11/12


We kicked things off today with “Hot Chicks Do Holiday Flicks.” This is where our hot chicks describe the flicks and you guess which one it is. Stay tuned for more flicks tomorrow!  After that, we talked to Scott Alexander to get all the latest on Games & Gadgets for this Holiday Season! Kevin admitted that he loves the Walking Dead game app.


We brought the Weekly Chronicle back as we chatted with Kayvan  Khalatbari, Co-Owner of Sexy Pizza. Kayvan and chef Kyle Peters wanted to add a Highlands/LoHi location to their homegrown chain that got its start in Capitol Hill in 2009. They added a second store on Old South Pearl this past March. The company is advocating the legalization of marijuana and catering to like-minded folks. Kayvan is also the Operations Manager for the Denver Relief marijuana dispensary.



Today’s Mini Mansion Moving Liquidation Giveaway was a GIANT Box of Porn! Continue to call us all week to win more playboy prizes! (877) 205 -9796

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with Jim Meehan discussing his article, “Learning How To party Like a Gentleman!” He is also the owner of PDT  a delicious restaurant in New York- and created a special Playboy party punch in the December 2012 issue. Next time you’re in NYC, you must stop by PDT and tell Jim we sent you! Don’t forget to try his Holiday punch recipe on page. 122, too! We had the chance to catch up with Jackie Samuels, the professional snuggler from The Snuggery. The Snuggery is a place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and focus on the simple restorative pleasure of touch. Jackie was also one of our favorite guests from 2012! Lastly, we introduced three models, Sheri, Heather and Maria for Nipple Bells! The Bombshell Squad had to get their nipples fully erect by using a few simple techniques, for example, ice cubes or a cold soda can. We also threw in the option to be scared by a black man (aka Jaron)! Once the girls had their nipples fully erect, they had to hang as many bells as they could from them. It was a Christmas miracle when the Nipple Bell trophy went to Maria with four hanging bells!




Girls 2

Girls 3

Girls 4


One Response to “Tuesday 12/11/12”

  1. shermorganbear Says:

    Thx for the AMAZING FUN! ITUNES here we come! Playboy’s Official :The Bombshell Squad! xoxo Sheri

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