Monday 12/17/12


We’re back and we are celebrating our last week in the Mini Mansion! Today we will be taking your best fake orgasms for review. If you record yourself having an orgasm and leave it on our voicemail line: 323-405- PBMS we can air it! Kevin and Andrea will be the judge.

We heard a new sample of the ‘Les Bianables’ Anthem taking place this Thursday. We also recapped Andrea’s Titty picks from over the weekend. It appears she out performed Stephen Hawking, well done Andrea!

We got to know the stunning PlayboyPlus Cyber Girl, Loni Rae. The beautiful model is single and looking for a good man! Andrea thinks Loni may have the best blow job eyes she has ever seen. See this blonde bombshell at !



We also got into some of the FINAL Good Naked/ Bad Naked stories of 2012! Then we heard Jarons Guide to Re-gifting over the Holiday Season! Jaron suggested to save old gift cards and use them to buy Christmas gifts or better yet take someone out to dinner. His favorite places are Fudruckers, CCs Pizza or Golden Coral.

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with a Fantasy Girl Team update! With all the recent rumors and photos in the spotlight, who will be the winner as we wrap up our teams this week? Then we heard Andrea present us with her famous and informative Lowell Down. Today, we introduced a brand new model, Thi into the Mini Mansion. Thi is currently a sexy bikini bartender who recently had a glass brake on her foot putting her into a cast! Ouch!  Thi also shared her first one night stand memory that took place in a steamy shower in Las Vegas. We also introduced another model of ours, Veronica, returning for another morning of fun. Veronica told us how she uses her vagina instinct whenever she looks for a man. As we celebrate the Holiday’s we played Oh, Oh, Ohh Holy Night with our two models, they each had to fake the best orgasm with the lights out. Andrea and Kevin critiqued the girls on their heavy breathing and moaning skills. Lastly, Andrea wrapped up the show by choosing the New York Jets to win in tonight’s NFL match up! 



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