Tuesday 12/18/12


This morning we began the show with Kevin taking an ADHD diagnostic quiz, but he kept getting distracted!

We talked to Scott Alexander, who gave us The Top 10 Gadgets You Want for Christmas this Year!


  1. Jaybird Freedom Sprint wireless sports headphones. $130
  2. Vaio tap 20 – combo windows 8 desktop and giant surface tablet. 11 pounds, $1000
  3. Kohler Moxie speaker showerhead. Rechargeable bluetooth $200
  4. Mujji leather touchscreen gloves $170
  5. Lacie Cloudbox, 1-3 TB cloud server for home and remote use. $120-$180
  6. Beardski Face Protector. $35
  7. V-Moda Crossfade line of DJ headphones $150-300
  8. Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers – $500 or $1000 with sub
  9. Samsung ES8000 series TVs – $2100
  10. Prima Cinema – A setup that downloads first-run movies to your home for $500 a pop. $35K

We got to learn about the Sugar Daddy lifestyle by talking with Playboy contributor, John H. Richardson. Check out his article, “Sugar On Top” featured in the December 2012 issue on page 144 here.

Sugar Daddy
 Jaron’s Guide to Re-gifting today was, “freezing your previous gifts of homemade foods (cakes, tarts, etc.) and re-gifting them for the following year! Ha.

Holiday Party Joke Remix:

-What’s the difference between Santa and a bartender?

-Why doesn’t Santa have any children?

-What do the female reindeer do when Santa takes the male reindeer out on Christmas Eve?

-What is the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with our Mini Mansion Moving Liquidation Giveaway item, which was 10,000 naked Playboy models! Then we welcomed Michael Winslow into the Mini Mansion  for his first time! You can see Michael tonight at FlappersComedy in Burbank at 8PM. You’ll have a great time and you can buy your tickets here. After, we introduced two of our lovely models, Britnee and Michele to tell some of their sexy stories. Michael brought Britnee’s naked jacuzzi party back to life with his water sounding noises and then switched his sound effects to whips and screaming when Michele relived her visit to a sex dungeon! Micheal was truly amazing!



Michael 3

Miahel 4


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