Wednesday 12/19/12


This morning we took several suggestions for the NEXT BIG CRAZE “Smashing.” Andrea demonstrated by smashing her boobs against the glass in studio! We took a vote and we are leaning towards PREASTING!!!


Then we talked to Shawn Yeager, from PRIMA Cinema about having your own personal movie theater in your own home! PRIMA Cinema presents theatrically released Hollywood films, in the comfort of your home with same day releases! Get your own here.


Like every Wednesday, our Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe joined in to talk about Marriage, Swinging, Blow Jobs and much more. Hopefully the questions were answered to everyone’s concerns.

The Power Hour: 

We kicked off the Power Hour with today’s Mini Mansion Liquidation Giveaway, which was a Mystery Box! Kevin, Andrea, Gina, Elise and Jaron have each hand- selected one item for the box. Then we got into “Lets Get Wet” as we talked  to Eva Lovia and Tania Funes while they splashed around in the bathtub! We heard each of their very sexy, wet tales and ‘tub talk.’ After that, we had Charlotte stop by the Mini Mansion while Andrea gave us her famous Lowell Down. In honor of our BIG CRAZE we watched Charlotte do her own form of PREASTING!!!


charlote 2

One Response to “Wednesday 12/19/12”

  1. How about call it… FLASH & SMASH.

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