Friday 12/21/12:


Today was our last LIVE show of the year in the Mini Mansion! We kicked it off with The Golden Bunny Awards, celebrating the best of 2012. We celebrated Love Connections, Kevin’s Impression of the Year, Best Stall, Ability to Sexualize Cured Meat, Scene Stealer and many more! We tabulated points for our Fantasy Girl Teams where Gina and Andrea were neck- to- neck! They will continue to keep score throughout the holidays and report back for an official winner in the new year!


Then Kevin, Andrea, Gina, Elise and Jaron did a live Holiday Yankee Swap in studio. From cheap cologne to a fancy LED flashlight, the gifts were dispersed evenly. Then we played back the official Les Bianables, The musical in its entire 13-minute glory!


Today’s Mini Mansion Moving Liquidation Giveaway is a hand sculpted, paper mache statue of Andrea Lowell made by Pauly Palsy! SOLD!!!!



We got the latest on all things in Vegas from the one and only Robin Leach. This years New Years Eve festivities will include an eight minute and twenty-five second firework show. Seven casinos along the Strip, from the Stratosphere to the MGM Grand, will allow loads of explosives to be shot from their rooftops. There have been rumors saying it will include 88,000 fireworks!


We had a Playmate Alert with sexy Irina Voronina on the phone, who translated our interview with the Human Barbie, Valeria Lukanova! If you haven’t researched her before, see more pictures of Valeria here!



The Power Hour:

We kicked off our final Power Hour catching up with the incredibly funny Kevin Pollak! He is challenging our Kevin in the Hollywood Poker Online Holiday Celebrity Charity Tournament! The online Poker Tournament is an Online-Only Event with an exclusive celebrity Prize Pool to the winning celebrity’s charity. Previous tournament winner actor James Woods brought home $10,000 for his charity but this time around they are upping the ante to $25,000. The tournament is this Saturday December 22nd from 10am-1:00pm PST. Then we had two sexy models Canon and Hazel join us in the Mini Mansion for Cameltoe or Mistletoe! Kevin and Andrea had to guess which girl had the Mistletoe in her panties or a real Cameltoe. After the votes went to Hazel, our lovely model Canon fooled everyone when she  pulled down her panties to show off the mistletoe! We wrapped up the show with Andreas Titty Picks against our Mayan Santa Jose.  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Andrea’s Titty Picks: Falcons, Dolphins, Panthers, Steelers, Cowboys, Packers, Texans, Colts, Patriots, Jets, Redskins, Rams, Browns, Giants, Bears





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