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Thursday 1/31/13

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Ron Jeremy underwent heart surgery after being hospitalized due to an aneurysm near his heart. We are sending warm thoughts to him this morning.

Ron Jeremy Reuters 660

We spoke with America’s top sports betting expert from Las Vegas, Scott Pritchard, who will host “Get It and Bet It! How to Bet the Superbowl and WIN” – a comprehensive 4-hour sports betting workshop at Harrah’s Hotel Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, Saturday, February 2, Noon-4 p.m.  Joining Pritchard for this dazzling event is professional sports bettor “Dink”, who was portrayed in the popular movie “Lay The Favorite” by Bruce Willis. Scott has been featured frequently on ESPN Radio in Las Vegas and in the Las Vegas Review Journal, sharing his knowledge on sports betting and handicapping.  You can register here.


Then we spoke with Alan Morris, Sales Manager from Fletcher Jones Las Vegas about the ‘Hottest Roaster’ Mercedes Benz SL550.  The latest SL550 is a trim bolide with an all-aluminum body, tons of power and tire-melting torque. This roadster is capable of a 0-60 time in 4.1 seconds starting at $106,405! Check out more information about this ride on page 108 in the January/February 2013 Playboy issue.


CRIMES OF PASSION: We dissected a few stories, one of them involving a woman who pulled knives on a couple for refusing  to have a threesome at a trailer park, a Brazilian women who put toxic substances in her vagina to kill her husband, a man who bit off his girlfriends thumb on the way to a Taco Bell and  several more. YIKES!

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with Andrea’s famous Lowell Down, discussing topics that involved ‘moobs’- man boobs and Chinese pole dancers who have been performing outside in the snow. Then we saw Chef Kimberly for another Super Sexy Snack Showdown along with a new challenger, Chef Hazel Lee. Chef Kimberly prepared us frozen honey and garlic chick wings by using her secret sauce and a blow dryer to heat things up. On the other hand, Chef Hazel misunderstood and presented us with onion ‘rings’ not ‘wings’. HA! Today’s Super Sexy Snack Showdown winner was Hazel Lee, -lets see what she brings us tomorrow for the final Super Snack! After that, we happily welcomed Jodi Miller and Leonard Robinson from Playboy TV’s ‘Foursome Walk of Shame’. The show premieres this Saturday, February 2nd through April 13th at 10:00PM. We checked in with our Big Game Correspondent, Pamela Horton who attempted to tell us how she earned her beads! Then we wrapped us the show with three sexy ladies who joined us in the Mini Mansion for Walk of Shame. It started off with Cristal Cray, Dorothy and Drea removing their clothes in bed. Once they were stripped down to nothing but blindfolds, the girls were spun several times and sent crawling  to try and dress themselves in their correct clothes!  Let’s just say this wasn’t their first time doing a “Walk of Shame.” Check these babes out.




More photos on the way!

Wednesday 1/30/13:

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This morning we started things discussing the latest Serial ‘Sextortionist’ who was recently caught in California. A 27 year old Glendale man was accused of victimizing hundreds of women in what’s being called a large-scale “sextortion” plot.  Start off the New Year with new passwords but be sure to remember them!


Then we spoke with David Selig a Federal Tax Practitioner about sex tax write-offs. We asked David if Andrea would be able to write-off her Underwear Update panties.  We learned that an expense does not have to be indispensable to be considered necessary so don’ let anyone tell you that crotch less panties can’t be written off. Breast implants are also deductible if they are a part of your job!

We got some relationship advice from our Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe! Then we continued to celebrate Playboy’s Cars of the Year 2013! Today’s feature was voted ‘Best SUV’- the Land Rover Range Rover! The fourth generation Range Rover is completely revamped starting at $83,500. Thanks to BJ, the Sales Manager, from Gulf Coast Jaguar Land Rover who gave us the full detailed description of the cars features. Check out more information about this ride on page 112 in the January/February 2013 Playboy issue.


The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with another Cyber Girl of the Year 2013 candidate, Shantal Monique. While the petite blonde from Tempe, Arizona talked to us from inside her bath tub, we got to hear her dirty talk about pussy. If you’re passionate about Shantal, vote her Cyber Girl of the Year for 2013. Then we brought in models to play everyone’s favorite naked trivia game, “Know it or Show it!” Our models Danielle and Emily had three categories to choose from. Today’s categories included questions about Internet Dating, Things Andrea enjoys putting in her mouth and Things to except on Sunday during the Half- Time show. After stripping down to nothing but a pair of high heels, Emily was the first to lose! We wrapped up the show with another Super Sexy Snack Showdown with Chef Kimberly and a new Chef helper Danielle. Danielle prepared her homemade salsa recipe on top of Emily’s body, while Kimberly put on her sombrero and did a salsa dance. Once again Kimberly won!



Girls 1

Super Snack


Tuesday 1/29/13:

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We kicked things off with Scott Alexander who gave us the latest on all Games & Gadgets! Scott told us that Apple released iOS 6.1, which is full of boring, self-serving updates!  He also told us how Ashton Kutcher ended up in the hospital, because he tried to eat like Steve Jobs! – An all fruitarian diet.

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

Then we spoke with a Sales Associate from Lindsay Ford of Wheaton about the Shelby mustang GT500! This car is capable of a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds and you can break most highway speed limits in first gear. Check out more information about this ride on page 112 in the January/February 2013 Playboy issue.


Today we also went Playwalking with a Playmate, Qiana Chase. We tried to find out if Qiana was familiar with Spanks, Nads and Living Social. Apparently a Surf N Turf consists of Fish and Chips!

The Power Hour:

This morning we kicked things off with our Playmate Game Correspondent, Pamela Horton! Kevin and Andrea gave Pamela a few tasks while she attends the Big Game -1. Earn some beads, 2. Eat a Po’ Boy and get a picture, 3. Have a wardrobe malfunction, and 4. Find a black man claiming to be a football player, who isn’t. We know Pamela will make us proud! Then we had another Super Sexy Snack Showdown with Chef Kimberly and returning Chef Lisa who presented their homemade Meatball recipes. Lisa returned to impress Kevin and Andrea with her turkey meatballs, but we had to send her home for good. Stay tuned for tomorrows Showdown! Next up was our American Dildo face-off with three contestants Victoria, Sarah and Erika. Each model had a solo performance while the other models had to distract them by using their dildos, tickling them. For example, Erika was our first contestant singing Danny Boy, but could barely sing past the first verse because of Sarah and Victoria’s strong vibrations on her breasts and inner thighs. Erika got Dildo’d!





Girls 1



Monday 1/28/13

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This morning we kicked off the show celebrating Playboy’s Cars of the Year 2013! We chatted with Chad Sierer, at Philadelphia McLaren about the “Hottest Exotic” McLaren MP4-12C!  Capable of a 0-60 time of 3.1 seconds, the 12-C Spider is one of the most exhilarating cars available on the market today. Check out more information about this ride on page 112 in the January/February 2013 Playboy issue.

2013 McLaren MP4-12C

Then we heard some Good Naked Bad Naked stories and heard everything about naked wonderland and much more!

We got to know another Cyber Girl of the Year 2013 candidate, Jessica Workman!  A well-built brunette from Cleveland, Ohio, she’s an honest-to-goodness girl next door – sweet on the inside, and hot and heavy on the outside. Make it come true and vote her Cyber Girl of the Year HERE.

Special Editions

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with pro snowboarder Danny Davis who offered solid advice and good vibes for getting the most out of the slopes. Danny is featured on page 40 in the current Playboy issue and he is also resting up to compete in 2014’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Then we had a Super Sexy Snack Showdown with our returning Sexy Chef Kimberly as she challenged against our new Sexy Chef Lisa. Today’s snack prepared by the two chefs was pretzels and beer with a secret ingredient of salt. Since the Pentagon lifted the ban on women serving on the front lines, we had three sexy models Jackie, Paula and Lisa join us in studio and get ready for Booty Camp! Today’s Drill Sergeant was Playmate Qiana Chase who instructed our models to do push-ups and race quickly through an obstacle course. We wrapped up the show with our three models getting spanked by Sergeant Qiana!  OUCH!










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Here’s the latest – make it good!


Thursday 1/24/13:

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We heard a list of playmates that will be attending this year’s Super Bowl XLVII. Today we named Pamela Horton as our ‘official’ Super Bowl Correspondent!

 PMOM: Small Camera

Then we talked to Playboy contributor,  Michael Lockhart, about his article The Best of Detroit 2013 featured in the current 2013 Playboy magazine. The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit is on par with Paris and Los Angeles as one of the most important automotive events of the year, as much about highlighting the annual achievements of Motor City as it is a continuous launching pad for 2014. Michael broke down each car starting with the Best of Show BMW Concept 4 – Series Coupe! Of course, we had to discuss Andrea’s favorite car of all cars too, which is the most anticipated announcement of Detroit—the Corvette Stingray!



Party Joke Remix… REMIX!

1.)    How do you circumcise a hillbilly?

2.)    What did one gay sperm say to another?

3.)    What did the banana say to the vibrator?

4.)    Why are pubic hairs so curly?

The Power Hour:

Mr. Skin kicked off the Power Hour giving us the rundown for this week in celebrity nudity. Mr. Skin gave us a sneak peek at Emmy Rossum’s blossoms, and he also shared the breaking news about Dakota Fanning’s first nude scene, coming soon! Then we had another Sexy Super Snack tip from our sexy chef Kimberly, who showed us how to “make” I mean order a pizza! Our sexy Aussie, Lauren Volker stopped by the studio to give us a recap on her “G-Shot” experience with Dr. Matlock. According to Lauren, her sex life has improved and so have her orgasms! Then we were thrilled to welcome the man behind it all Dr. David Matlock back to the Mini Mansion, a man who has seen over 100,000 vaginas!  Dr. Matlock joined us to talk about the “G –Shot” procedure with Lauren, our recipient. He even updated us on his newest invention you might want to check out. Since Dr. Matlock is the only  “Vagenius”  around here we wanted to see who knew the correct terms of the vagina by having our models Kimberly and Lauren with the addition of Sherra, (who is a lesbian), fill out a blank diagram of the human vagina. Most of the terms we incorrect according to Dr. Matlock, but the girls were on the right track!

Matlock and Lauren

Dr. Matlock diagram


Wednesday 1/23/13

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We started off the morning talking to Petter Kverneng from Norway who got his high school crush Catherine to agree to sleep with him if he secured one million Facebook likes. Kverneng said “It was meant as a joke for our group of friends,” but within a matter of hours, the solicitation gained over 1 million likes! Kevin and Andrea wanted to get to the bottom of things, so we chatted with Catherine, too! It’s hard to decide what will happen but we have encouraged them to keep what they promised.


We got some relationship advice from our Playboy Advisor, Chip Rowe! We talked about men who are not attracted to their girlfriend’s body due to loose skin, trust issues in relationships and much more!

Joanna Krupa joined us on the phone this morning, calling all the way from Poland. For starters, she agreed to “foster” Kevin – lucky guy! Joanna will be hosting Save A Friend’s Life Celebrity Poker Tournament, Sunday February 17,  which will be a Hollywood- style themed party for a good cause.


Then we played a round of “What Would Hef Do?” Today we asked if Hef was a play by the rules kind of guy.

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour checking in with one of our Cyber Girl of the Year candidates, Megan Medellin! Also known to be our October 2011 RadioMate, Megan shared with us why she should be this year’s Cyber Girl winner! She added a bonus when she  masturbated on the phone for Kevin and Andrea! Vote here. Then we had another Sexy Super Snack tip from our sexy chef, Kimberly, who presented her secret chili and cheese dip. After that, we had our Playboy Casting experts, Sam and Kim join us in studio to give us a sneak peek at what actually goes on during a Playboy Casting Call. Rebecca, Krissy, Jenny and Emily joined us in studio for the casting process. After stripping down and telling us a little bit about themselves the girls made it to the next level of casting. Sam and Kim think the the four models are datable and Playmate material!



Casting Girls

Tuesday 1/22/13:

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We kicked off the show discussing Mikel Ruffinelli, of Los Angeles, who boasts the world’s biggest hips  measuring more than eight feet round. She first started noticing that her hips were growing at the age of 22, just after the birth of her first child. Although her waist measures 40 inches, her 100 inch hips hold the record for being the largest in the world.

hIPS 1

hIPS 2

Scott Alexander our Games and Gadgets guru checked in with us to talk about all things tech!  Then we got into some Makin’ Bacon  (Part 1) where Andrea introduced Brandon the CEO and Founder of Seeking arrangement the largest dating site for those seeking mutually beneficial arrangements. This website specializes on relationships between a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy, and a Sugar Baby. There are hundreds of dating websites, but no other dating website is focused exclusively on helping the rich and successful meet the young and beautiful!

Then Kevin introduced his second part to Makin’ Bacon, which was the Bacon Shell Burger Taco! We got the juicy details from Tommy, the owner of  PYT, home to America’s craaaziest burgers, is located in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia.


After that, we got to help name a Playmate’s SUPERbaby! What will @Jaime Edmondson‘s & @Evan Longoria‘s  offspring be called? Stay tuned!

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour with a Sexy Super Snack from a Sexy Super Girl! Kimberly taught us how to buy and scoop guacamole, topless, before the Super Bowl! Then we welcomed back Donnell Rawlings to the Mini Mansion to talk about the new season of his show “Guy Code” on MTV2.  Guy Cody tip # 1 never eat a banana in public. Guy Cody # 2 always apply chapstick using a fist! Then we had four models Kimberly, Nicole, Krystin and Lindsey join us in studio for Minute To Skin It! The first Minute To Skin It challenge was called Hooters Shooters where our models had to catch ping-pong balls between her breasts! The second challenge was Hula Hotties, where our models had to hula hoop two at a time inside the hoop! Last but not least, the third challenge of Minute To Skin It was Spit or Swallow, where the models had to transport playing cards using only their saliva and bodies! Stay tunes for what we have in store tomorrow!

sexy chef


Donell Rawlings

Girls 1


Girls 2






Monday 1/21/13:

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We kicked off the show with Andrea’s Birthday weekend recap! Then discussed how New Zealand has recently banned Sara Underwood’s sexy Carls Jr. Commercial.  Shame on them.


Bad economic times lead to more abandoned pets and Hurricane Sandy only made things worse. However, many homeless pets have some brand new advocates: NYC’s finest pole dancers. We spoke with Ajia Maximillian, a dancer, instructor and choreographer who contributed her time and skills to a no-kill fundraiser.


Then we got into Good Naked Bad Naked stories. Remember, if you come across nudity in the news and need help determining if it’s GOOD or BAD, email it to!

The Power Hour:

We kicked off the Power Hour welcoming our two models Romi and Kat as they prepared themselves to have their minds read. Then we brought in Kim and Jeff Bornstein to show off their incredible mind-reading performances. They have been astonishing celebrities such as Fergie and Nicolas Cage and have packed theaters worldwide with their mind-reading talents. In studio, Kim and Jeff demonstrated several acts on Kevin and Andrea while using dice and dollar bills. They also guessed specific numbers by reading Romi and Kat’s body language and looking into their eyes. You can watch Kim and Jeff at their upcoming appearances at the Magic Castle – January 22, February 12, 19 & 26 and the Acme Theater – January 23 & 30, February 6 & 13. We wrapped up the show as we tried to repair the damage Lance Armstrong has done to the sport of Cycling with our Tour de Pants-less race! Romi and Kat raced pants-less on tiny bikes through the halls of the studio. The girls fought their hardest to cross the finish line where we watched Romi come in first place!

Jeff and Kim

Girls 1

IN studio bikes



Girls 2


Girls stripping


Friday 1/18/13

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After hearing the latest news on Manti Te’o, people are curious if he will be falling into the arms of another fake girlfriend. A new Brazilian website has been discovered that allows you to buy a fake Facebook girlfriend.The web site offers four packages, as translated from Portugese into English by Google Translate: “Signifier,” “Ex-girlfriend,” “Girlfriend” and “Virtual Girlfriend.”


Then we spoke with Camilla Lombard from Good Vibrations who announced “Bling My Vibe” Sex Toy Crafting Contest. Bling My Vibe invites sex and art celebrities as well as members of the public to make an art piece using a simple Smoothie Vibrator. The public is invited to paint it, decoupage it, bejewel it, sew it an outfit, or otherwise get creative with the vibrator “canvas.” These arted- and tarted-up vibes will be displayed at the Good Vibrations Polk Street store in San Francisco during the month of March. For more information on Rules, Regs and winning prizes, follow their Facebook and Twitter via @GoodVibesToys  with the hashtag #blingmyvibe.


We got all the details taking place in Vegas this week from the one and only Robin Leach. View more at

FRIDAY AWARDS are back! Here are the categories: Confused Called of The Week, ABC Moment of The Week and Sexiest Moment of The Week!

The Power Hour:

We were thrilled to kick off the Power Hour welcoming Tom Sizemore into the Mini Mansion! Tom recently came out with a memoir, By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There. The memoir is a deeply personal log of the acclaimed actor’s wild ride through Hollywood, fueled by his crippling addiction to methamphetamines, exposing the darkest side of fame and how one man found a path to recovery. You can buy a copy here. Then we had three models Tania, Nicole and Charlotte join us for Toga Yoga in studio where they created their own toga’s out of sheets, gold leaves and gold rope! Also joining us in studio was a professional yoga instructor, Jordan Carver, who demonstrated her moves to our models. The first move was a downward dog position! Check out Jordans sexy yoga DVD here. Andrea wrapped up the show with her Titty Picks for this weekend’s game. Andrea predicts the 49ers and the New England Patriots to play each other in this year’s 2013 Super Bowl!


togay time