Monday 1/7/13


Today we returned LIVE, broadcasting from our brand new studios! Don’t forget to tune in with us daily on SIRIUS XM 102, and call us at  877-205- 9796!

Andrea and Kevin gave us their Holiday break updates as they traveled with friends and family. Kevin spent most of his time in Florida while Andrea partied through the night in Las Vegas. Andrea shared her lesbian stories that took place between friends and all the kinky things that happened in Sin City! Then, we chatted with The Cigar Don from Stogie Boys. You can check out his article discussing the three warning signs of a bad cigar here. A couple of today’s tips included checking for cracked wrappers and mold.


Ex Playboy Bunny, June De Young (aka Bunny June) stopped by the studio! June worked at Playboy’s The Empire Club in NYC from 1985 to 1986, and was hired to create looks for both male and female Playboy Bunnies. Beside her creative abilities, June is also a psychic bunny who gave us her 2013 predictions involving big things ahead for Jenny McCarthy.  After that, Kevin and Andrea got into some Good Naked/ Bad Naked stories!


The Power Hour:

We Kicked off our eventful Power Hour talking to Dennis Haysbert , who officially welcomed us into our new studio! Dennis captured the attention of audiences and critics alike with his groundbreaking role as President David Palmer on FOX’s hit series “24” for which he received his first Golden Globe nomination. Today, we discussed his latest film LUV, which you can check out in theaters on Friday January 18th.


After chatting with Dennis, it was a surprise when the one and only fitness icon, Richard Simmons barged into studio! Wearing a bejeweled pink tank top and micro mini spandex shorts, naturally. Richard was ready to break a sweat and show us his moves. Five beautiful and fit models, Brandi, Krystin, Lisa, Paula and Canon, joined Richard for a New Year workout. Even Kevin and Andrea got in on the fun! Afterward, Paula and Canon headed to the showers to cool off each other’s wet and naked bodies. We wrapped up the show by listening to Lisa and Krystin’s  New Year “LEZolutions.” Lisa was looking forward to having her nipples licked by another girl, while Krystin has been fantasizing about a girl-on-girl erotic massage. So, we brought in sexy Playboy model Brandie Moses to help make their dreams come true! Needless to say, it was an EXCITING start to 2013. Stay tuned for what’s in store tomorrow!

Power Hour 3

Power Hour 4

Power Hour 2

Power Hour 1

SHower Pics

Shower 2

Girls 2

Girls 1

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